titles pretty much sums it up.

as soon as I get the people, we'll start running.

I'm kind of only expecting 1750 rating so even if you're not very good, you can still play. I have a feeling it's going to be very hard to find the people as it is. I can do this with multiple people too so just ask if you see me around.

the only requirements I have are that you have at least as much pvp gear as myself, be willing to play multiple games back to back, and if you're a hunter, you have to know how to CC. that means scatter trap - monkey blind (yes you have to be using a monkey), silencing shot. Oh and i prefer the Dk to be frost unless you know how to properly use unholy and are good at it.

If i find some 2k+ players we can use skype and actually try to get a good rating.

If i'm not online, reply to this thread. adding your skype so i can contact you will also help.