WTB DM Warlock Lord Hel'nurath Summons.

59 Dwarf Hunter
Well my summer project of FillTheGapUntilMoPComesOut is nearly complete and I find myself in need of one of the last pieces of wishlist gear for this character..... The Xorothian Firestick.

Unfortunately it only drops off the old Warlock Dreadsteed quest boss in Dire Maul (West).

As such, I am looking to find a Warlock buddy. If you completed this quest before it was taken out, can we be friends? It's okay if you sold the three ritual summoning items. The Black Lodestone, J'eevee's Jar, and Xorothian Glyphs are for sale by Gorzeeki Wildeyes in Burning Steppes (08,36). But ONLY of you had previously done the quest.

Now this is my highest level character on this server, and I am away from my home server, and I don't have to much gold on Suramar, but I was hoping around 100g a run would suffice. I can currently afford one run, EL OH EL, but I have been mining my butt off and should be making more golds shortly. I know 100g isn't all that much, so have mercy!

(P.S. I'll gladly pay you Tuesday, for a Xorothian Firestick today.)
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100 Draenei Shaman
I completed the quest years ago, but never bought the mats, I just went to the vendor to check, they are available. However, according to wowhead, it's unable to be completed because you need an old soul shard, which are no longer in game. So unless that's changed & the info on wowhead hasn't been updated, you may not be able to aquire what you're looking for.

I saw a red shield that drops from the summoned boss, figured I was SoL because I never had the items, but seeing that if you did the quest before, you can buy them, if they fix the soul shard problem, I may be faction changing my warlock.
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59 Dwarf Hunter
The soul shard problem is indeed no longer an issue.

Before I posted this I actually hopped on a buddies Warlock, went and bought the items, and headed to DM West. Went through the event with no problems. And as fate would have it, the gun dropped.

Now, if only you could have more than 10 characters per server..... I wouldn't be stuck asking for help here for this summer project. =P
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