Alliance Guild, Back In Time (level 9) is a fun, social, growing guild with a very friendly cast of helpful members. We are currently recruiting casual to progressive players of all classes. Whether you are extremely active or not, are into dungeons / raids, or strictly social, you will feel at home in our low pressure atmosphere.

We want players who are polite and want to have fun. We are happy to run new players on slow 'tutorial' dungeon runs and help them get leveled while avoiding abuse sometimes found in random groups. Our members take pride in earning your allegiance by helping you enjoy the game at your own pace.

Although we are highly casual, we do have a tight knit group of core members who dungeon frequently and want to work towards 10 and 25 man raid teams once all the pieces are in place. So if you are wanting to be the start of a fresh raid team, this will be an ideal opportunity for you!

If you are interested, please register at our website at I will be notified and contact you as soon as you apply. You may also pst or mail me 'kindore' on the server. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank You!