Want to see a fellow Dethecusian on TV?

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It's a "negative" story, but one that I'm pushing to gain national attention anyway. A county code enforcement officer came out to serve a notice last week stating my grass was too high. Yes, we have a county ordinance about it. But in doing so, he realize my door was unlocked (thanks to a roommate) and let himself in. He even walked INTO MY BEDROOM as I was sleeping, and woke me up just to tell me to come outside and sign the violation notice.

And it was all caught on camera.

It was picked up by a local news media outlet that same day, and aired that night on television. The following day it was picked up by a local newspaper, and then a larger news network about 2 hours away in Atlanta.

Now it's spreading like wildfire, and The Today Show has called me for an interview. Tomorrow the film crew will arrive at my house to tape the interview. It will be airing on the show Wednesday morning. While typing this I also received a call from Inside Edition about it. It kinda amazes me how these people can find us, but I digress.

I want to bring awareness of this issue to the public for two reasons. First, even I was a LITTLE skeptical about just how far a county employee was ALLOWED to go to enforce local ordinances (which is, essentially, a local law). Second, because he put HIS OWN safety at risk and local officials EVERYWHERE need to realize that. The entire 16th title of the Official Code of Georgia deals with defense of personal property, and clearly states that I would have been entirely within my right to shoot him and kill him inside of my house, without asking him a single question.

So if you're not busy Wednesday morning and you'd like to see how a Dethecusian lives in that thing called Real Life, tune in to The Today Show!
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Inside Edition's episode will air on Thursday.
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Want to see a fellow Dethecusian on TV?

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A) !@#$ or GTFO

B) You have your whole apartment video recorded?
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This is 2012. More Youtube links, less walls of text.
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08/23/2012 01:34 AMPosted by Quelthanas
This is 2012. More Youtube links, less walls of text.

LoL there is this thing called Google too

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lol, your house has CCTV but you don't lock your door when asleep.

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The today show interview gives the story a little better. My roommate had left earlier and didn't lock the door behind him.

And no, my entire house isn't video-recorded. Everything except the bedrooms. During my time in owning the house I've had many roommates. And I've had many quarrels between them - accusations of theft, going through each other's stuff, etc. I knew my roommates personally, but they didn't always know each other and would take advantage of that. So I put up the video cameras to either stop the accusations, or have proof behind them. The cameras really just protected them from each other. But each person's room was their own and I couldn't legally put cameras in there even if I wanted to. However, the set-up of the cameras would show the actual doorway to any bedroom, or anyone coming into or leaving the house itself.

I never once thought I would be catching someone that doesn't even live there, putting MY life in danger. And as of right now, the case is still going, even though it has been six months. Charges still have not yet been filed, either.
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More updated link:


Did you ever get around to cutting the grass? Is that fool still working?

Your Hero,

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