I stopped raiding shortly after killing H Blackhorn with the aid of the 15% nerf (it was the tipping point for my guild to get a clean transition to phase 2).

EDIT: We stopped raiding at this point as we were too casual to want to try spine =)

I am looking to (temporarily) raid with a guild that is 6,7,8/8 with the aim of 'completing' H DS.

Spec: Resto/Boomkin, for most progression I was resto, apart from Ultraxion and Blackhorn. I did go boomkin for farm heroics as the nerfs increased.

Raid times: I prefer NZ times, but don't mind raiding Aussie times for a short period.

Gear: I don't have the legendary, since I was MS resto, but my gear is good enough to join as either a dps or a healer. (4 Piece on both, ilvl 403). I would like to join as dps, but either is fine.
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