Herald of the Titans GEAR FARM

90 Worgen Druid
I've recently become interested in farming the Herald of the Titans title. In accordance, I have put together a gear-farming run of Ulduar 25 on Openraid. For those interested, the raid is located here --> http://www.openraid.us/index.php/users/raid/29617

For the title you must be:
  • Level 80.
  • 226 ilvl armor.
  • 232 weapons/ranged (i.e. Wands, Bows, NOT RELICS).
  • Should:
  • Have a knowledge of the fight.
  • NOT be your first time in Ulduar.
  • This raid is a preliminary one in order to gear people up. No title will be completed this week, nor possibly the next. Need to gear people up first.

    The run will take place Sunday at 7pm realm time.

    As stated in the Openraid post, I will take a maximum of 7 twinks consisting of:

    1 plate tank
    1 mail dps
    1 mail healer OR caster (healer prio)
    1 leather dps
    1 leather healer OR caster (healer prio)
    1 cloth dps
    1 cloth healer

    To sign up, please utilize the Openraid website. Sign up with the website and then my individual raid: http://www.openraid.us/index.php/users/raid/29617

    For any questions, PM me in-game on either Treebloom or Cogsprocket.
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    90 Worgen Rogue
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    90 Goblin Mage
    Herald is a joke in badge gear. No need to farm Ulduar. Just run heroics and buy ilvl 200-226 badge gear, and the craftable Ulduar stuff.

    Edit: Also, there are cross realm groups going every week, so no need to gear up others.
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    80 Human Paladin
    Herald #1
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    60 Human Death Knight
    mount on res
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    100 Night Elf Druid
    Pick my level 80 shadow priest that I've been gearing up for a while.
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    90 Worgen Druid
    Need a tank and healer now. Accepting Holy Priests and Resto shamans as well as Prot Paladins and Feral Bears!
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    80 Human Paladin
    I'm down for going, already have half a set.
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