Black Shroud of Vengeance

85 Orc Warrior
A tall, mighty, and undeniably handsome warrior sat down in a rickety chair in the Inn. The feeble wood creaked and groaned under the weight of the mans heavy armor. At first glance, one would assume that maybe this man was a plate armor model. Strutting his perfectly digital body around in a fortress of metal and steel. One could not deny, he was pretty sexy. He slammed a gloved fist onto the table in front of him, causing the floor to jump up. (Or maybe the table jumped up, but it was easy to assume that Kierkan could control the floorboards).

"Wench!" Kierkan roared in a harsh voice, the sound being slightly muffled by the epic helmet that completely covered his head. "Bring me some Ale, and two servings of lamb!" The barmaid took one look at the terrifying specimen barking orders at her, and she quickly complied. Long before Kierkan could say "Skywall is awful", she came with his food and drink. Removing his helmet, he let his long white hair droop down past his shoulders. Most would consider Night Elves to be good looking, but Kierkan was something else. His eyes shone like the crystal waters of Lake Everstill, and revealed no emotion of any kind.

Before Kierkan began to eat his ridiculous amount of food, (food which he had no intention of paying for) he barked for the barmaid again. She came over, albeit hesitantly. Before she could ask what this rude man wanted, he spoke: "Send word to the Magic of the Ghetto that the riders of Rohan must ride into battle once more" She stared at him with a blank expression. She was pretty sure this man was insane. Maybe he was, or maybe she was just dumb.

Kierkan jumped up and flipped the table, spilling the contents all over the floor and making a series of loud bangs.


He roared, and drew his sword and shield. The barmaid fell with one crit shield slam to her face.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Xoxo, all hail Kierkan!
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85 Human Warrior
skimmed through it because of the big words
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The magic of the Ghetto says FOR GONDOR <69
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