Currently have the following sets complete and ready for sale

Cloth -
* Green and purple Arachnidian Regalia (Recolor)/ Eldr'naan set
Green Set based around Ivycloth Robe
Brown set based around Archmage Robe
Green set Pagan Regalia (Recolor)

Leather -
Brown Devilsaur Garb Murkblood Chestpiece looks like a lumberjack

Mail -
Red and black Marshcreeper Mail
Silver and gold scaly Mercurial Mail recolor

Plate -
*Gold and red Conqueror's Plate Set
*Thor of the Avengers set
Brown and yellow Shattered Hand/ Grimscale Plate recolor
*Red and Black Dark Iron Plate

Will be updating sets as I complete them. Have many I am near completing. Feel free to reply with requests here on the forums or send in game mail. Can sell Alliance or Horde side. Prices start at 3000 and up. Sets with asterisks next to them indicate they are a high price set. Thx.

P.S. If you have mogit addon I will gladly link you what the sets look like in game or take requests that way as well.
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