Old PvPers from Wildhammer

13 Dwarf Shaman
Paladin: Rincon (Prot) - Aquafina (Prot)
Hunter: Cybertrash
Rogue: Novocain
Warlock: Hobbess
Warrior: Stency & Chochey
Deathknight: Doomsworn

I forgot some of the good old PvPers that played mage, druid, shaman but they know who they are. LIST YOUR FAVORITE OLD SCHOOL PVPERS.
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1 Tauren Druid
Shaman: Glorin
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stence is garbage, he was never good at pvp, doomsworn blew till dks came out, ghostninja >all rogues on wildhammer, and id deff put sewerman or dakshadow above those to trash pallys

edit: KHK over those trash warriors
Edited by Off on 7/15/2012 10:34 AM PDT
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85 Gnome Mage
Warrior: Cemul, Chochey, Stence, Swak,
Rogue: Novocain, malcolmxhero <--
Paladin; Resinblast, Chaser, Darkshadowxx
Warlock: Youngpimpin, Hobbness, Some other kid I can't remember, we also had some really good lock on our realm that xfered to Sargeras. Was constantly 2200+

Mage; Don't know any. I know bluetaco was good but never active.

Priest: Can't remember any names.
Druid: Remember a decent feral but can't remember his name. HARDSTORM <-- LOL
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56 Orc Death Knight
LMFAO Youngpimpin is Terribad! Fizzovirus or Ugliestlock are about the only 2 worth mentioning.
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90 Orc Warrior
The worst of every class .

Warrior : Cemul , kronoes , goregutz .
Shaman: Lampstand , cdxshaman or some bull!@#$.
Warlock: Youngpimpin , killphd, sunglow, trviumx.
Druid: Drswiftmend, Goosey , Bigtoe , Kooed, Trollception.
Hunter : Redbull , Nalani.
Rogue : Ortho , Bcuz , Pop , Twisted , Bowdownson.
Mage: Sikka, Snap .
Deathknight: Every dk except Doomsworn .
Priest: Yellowglow , Lay , Xrewind.
Paladin: Sunryse, Turbo.

The best of every class.

Warrior : Eminem , Sammichmaker , Darkestdawn.
Shaman: Shelly, Marleybrown, Gravatize , Glorin, Pyrophoenix, Dkenz.
Warlock: Fizle or Carlynn or Hetsel.
Druid: Plasmatv.
Hunter: Machine , Bullszeye , Skoal, Pig , Brutallus.
Rogue: Nosferatus.
Mage: Truven, Bestworld...
Deathknight: Doomsworn.
Priest: Crackle , Nos's priest healer.
Paladin: Hotwing , Trinadin.
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85 Orc Shaman
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85 Orc Warrior
Worst of Every Class:

Warrior: Cemul
Shaman: Time, Renjie
Warlock: Kilphd
Druid: Wallpaper
Hunter: Ilikefeet
Rogue: Jdawgz
Mage: Bestworld
Deathknight: Doomsworn
Priest: Lay
Paladin: Nucleo

Best of Every Class:

Warrior: Murph, Eminem they remind me of my god Swifty. So good. So good.
Shaman: Cant tell the difference between the best shamans ;( sry.
Warlock: Fizle, Triviumx, both played the hardest classes, hardest comps
Druid: Kooed, never seen a druid that can get past 1800 with no macros or binds
Hunter: Nalani probably the best of this list
Rogue: Cemuk, kid doesnt need macros, keybinds, when he can smash his face on the keyboard and get 2.2k.
Mage: Neo, who else could lose to a warrior in a duel, 100-0%
Death Knight: Gregory, i know hes level 70, but he does compete with people on the list
Priest: No priests on server :(
Paladin: Athenewins
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85 Tauren Druid
dusters #1
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85 Human Hunter
Rotanxt #1
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85 Blood Elf Warlock
I'm on Machine's list twice <3
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90 Worgen Warrior
I've been here since 2 months after launch. If you don't know me then well u must been under a rock for the last 7 years!
Edited by Bogariaz on 7/24/2012 1:56 PM PDT
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90 Human Paladin
who the f are you?
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90 Worgen Warrior
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90 Night Elf Druid
Druid: Greenranger- he works for Blizzard now :)

Do Dks really count as "old school" now?
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8 Human Warrior
hes talkin about wotlk i believe, the real wildhammer.

- Chochey
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89 Night Elf Druid
Burning Crusade (predjidus aside)
Warrior: Hanori
Shaman: Glorin
Warlock: cant remember any that stand out
Druid: greenranger
Rogue: nosfertas
Mage: duskashes
Priest: paralyzed
Paladin: Trinadin
Warrior: Sammichmaker
Shaman: Kethral
Warlock: no exceptional locks
Druid: Bigtoe
Hunter: myself/bullszeye
Rogue: Zell
Mage: Neo
Priest: Paralyzed
Paladin: Retadinlawl (congratz you made it on the list twice)
Deathknight: Sconsin, doomsworn
Warrior: NOT CEMUL
Shaman: Shellis
Warlock: Fizle
Druid: Wallpaper
Hunter: Machine (due to the fact hes the only hunter)
Rogue: ????????? wildhammer
Mage: ??????????? is
Priest: ????? dead
Paladin: Marley
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89 Night Elf Druid
in Responce to eminem putting me on his worst list probably because in WOTLK we farmed down his PHD. in responce to rotanxt I assume your Cemul so enough said
Edited by Kooed on 8/9/2012 5:24 PM PDT
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22 Human Paladin
Pre BC:
Warrior: Xxavierr
Druid: Hapahu (horde) (Just all around FERAL, Balance, Heals) Killsu on alliance side9Just to be fair.
Shaman: Voodookasta
Priest Strongheart (Had to I am married to her IRL)
Rogue Blauderick dude had skills where he lacked in gear
Paladin????? Saw a few good ones back in the day
Hunter Dragonhammer.
Warlock: LOL Shes in Jail now for seducing a boy in Florida
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22 Human Paladin
I only included one of my toons in this and there are several that moved or got deleted from the server. Dark Horizons FTW.
Membrain you should be proud
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