Sinister blades a lv 25 Raiding Guild is now recruiting experienced raiders for MOP and our Dragon soul raid groups we are 6/8 on heroic dragon soul we have immediate openings for Most Classes

Raid Days Are monday tuesday and thursday 5pm server - 8pm server With monday being the day we usualy run old content like icc or any of the pervious exspansion content its a for fun day.

Please save me the time though if you absolutely cannot commit to those raid days with the exception of monday as it is generaly a screw around day hack some things up and a chance to get to know your fellow raid group better please don't message me

Potential applicants should have a working knowledge of raid and class Mechanics ,be Geared and ready to work on progression.

We will consider someone who is less than geared and know how to play there class Well but just doesnt have all the gear needed yet

Sinister blades Has been around since the early days of this server We are a friendly and honorable Vanilla guild always looking to help each other out.

We offer free repairs,flasks and food for all progression.

Please send all inquiries to Mostdeadly or my alts Telchines and jaucen in game