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For some reason, though I'm at the pinnacle of nerdism, I always seem to find out about important information well after the fact. I really should make the anime news network my homepage or something--

regardless; some fantastic news to probably none of you: There is a sequel to Avatar: The last air bender cartoon. It's called the legend of Korra. It aired in april and just finished the first season (12 episodes) late last month.

It's supposed to take place something-80 years after the end of the book of fire with Korra being the next avatar. From what I've seen so far it has been getting fantastic reviews so I definitely can't wait to check it out.

Avatar: the lat air bender was great even for being an american cartoon aimed at a young demographic. It was supposed to be for 7-11 year olds. Funny how something like that ended up being such a huge hit for all ages. Because of that I can't wait to see how they went about setting up this sequel. since they're aware of their larger target audience I wonder if they'll add more mature themes to it.

And since I'm on the topic I might as well post a few suggestions to check out. These are a few of the better anime I've watched recently (since the last post about this topic however many months ago):

1. Chrome Shelled Regios-- This was an interesting take on the future of a world being over taken by aliens. For the most part, it was quite enjoyable and worth checking out. Has some pretty decent action sequences.

2. Skip Beat!-- I've said it in the past but I'll say it again, I normally dislike slice of life anime. It's just not what I look for when I watch it. This one however kind of impressed me. I'm not 100% sure why (as is when i actually enjoy a slice of life I'm generally miffed at the notion of the genre so It's always unclear why I some times like one) I can't compare the reasoning to Beck since Beck had a fantastic musical story line and made the genre more toward music than slice of life. I'm getting carried away here, so...

3. Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit-- I'm only on episode 12 of 26, but I wanted to suggest it anyways. It has a strong 90's feel even though it premiered in 2007. And that's a good thing in case you didn't know much about modern anime. The art is fantastic and the animators did a wonderful job on this one. So far even before getting half way through, I can see this anime becoming one of my favorite. From the pacing, and how the story has been progressing I have little doubts about it ending well. Oh and I should add, I'm watching the dubbed though it's not that I had a choice since I'm watching on netflix. I suppose I could go to animefreak for the subbs and check it out, but I don't need to. The dubbing for this is fantastic. I can't recognize any of the actors and i even went through the list and don't recall any of their names. That ended up being wonderful since the same voice used in many anime can ruin characters *cough* Greg Ayres *cough* (ever since evangelian.... >.> the only redeeming factor for him is the fact that he did a killer job in Beck..) but all fresh new voices and a superb job at that plus the awesome art makes this very easy to enjoy.

/end nerd mode.
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Avatar was sick, didn't watch any Korra, but heard everyone nerd-gasming about it.
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I was quite surprised at how good it was. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if they continued the saga for many more years. Who knows, maybe it'll spark more interest in American animation. God knows the community could really use it. If it wasn't for fan-subs I'd be learning Japanese right now. T_T
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i actually just started watching moribito lol, are you getting all these off netflix?
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I try to watch as many as I can on netflix to support the official release. However, netflix doesn't have everything so I usually go to sites like

I came across avatar on netflix and decided to check it out just out of curiosity. I'm also watching moribito on netflix. I had it on my instant play for a little while and just recently got around to watching it. Kind of how it goes for me. Because I switch between netflix and other sites some just take me a while to get to.

If I come across something new to watch, or am looking for something to watch; I always go to netflix first. If i Can't find it there, I some times check out hulu. I'm very grateful to fan-subs but those don't profit the companies that produce the anime which is not something I normally want to be a part of.

Actually I just recently went through a lot of the anime netflix has. see, I've been watching anime for years before I started using netflix so a lot of the ones I've seen actually were on netflix so I just rated them and didn't add them to my instant queue (that's where I keep a list of everything I've seen). But having gone back and adding the ones I've rated (already seen) netflix has a pretty nice collection. I'll list off the ones I think are worth watching that I've found on netflix so far in case anyone is interested:

1. Trigun
2. Desert Punk
3. Chrome shelled regios
4. canaan
5. Corpse Princess
6. Blood+
7. Xam'd: lost memories
8. Birdy the mighty: Decode
9. Kenichi: The mightiest Disciple
10. Avatar: The lat airbender
11. Moribito
12. Full metal Alchemist: brotherhood (Note brotherhood only. It's far better than the other and worth watching even if you have seen the other because by half way through they become totally different from each other.)
13. Darker than black (top 10 favorites list--top 5 list)
14. High school of the dead
15. Kaze no stigma
16. Soul eater (except the ending was stupid--still worth it)
17. Demon king Daimao: (this is a typical harem, however the potential in the story/plot made it worth watching. Had a strong Code geass feel to it)
18. Full metal Panic!
19. Ouran high school host club.
20. Elfen Lied: (top 10 favorites list)
21. Baccano!: (top 10 favorites list--top 5 list)
22. Fruits basket
23. Phantom: Requiem for the phantom: (top 10 favorites list--top 5 list)
24. Pumpkin Scissors
25. Clanned after story
26. tokko
27. shuffle
28. Ghost in the shell (all related series and movies--you find the order on your own)
29. burst angle

Not even all the anime I've watched that netflix has. And there are dozens more that they don't have that I've seen that I think are worth watching. But as you can see, it does have a few of my top favorites so the selection isn't too bad. All those are a mix of genre. A few slice of life even. I would suggest any of these titles to watch. All of these have at least 3 star rating. most are above 3. a good portion I rate 5/5.
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07/12/2012 04:50 AMPosted by Dreåmer
Demon king Daimao: (this is a typical harem, however the potential in the story/plot made it worth watching. Had a strong Code geass feel to it)

def going to check that out, hope your right about the code geass feel. theres been a void in my heart ever since i finished that series

also, gf loves fruits basket. shes tried making me watch it, but ehhh lol
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I might need to clarify. By saying it's a typical harem I mean that the primary genre of this anime seemed to be ecchi (that's a bad thing imo). Lots and lots of fan service. It definitely dilutes the story and isn't anywhere near what code geass was, but it had many similarities that while i was watching I couldn't help but think of code geass. A friend of mine that watched it said he thought the same thing.

I wouldn't watch this with any real expectations otherwise it will let you down horribly. I came across it by chance and only watched it because I'm a huge sucker for the magic genre (which it was listed under) Having expected nothing I was pleased by it. So it might turn out different for you. ^_^

I should stress again that this has lots and lots of fan service. You might want to watch it with closed doors otherwise someone might misunderstand what you're watching based off of certain scenes. for example, keep an eye over your shoulder during the episode(s) where they are at the beach... There is going to be a scene (while extremely funny and suggestive) that can appear completely different than what it is.
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well I have to admit, that was disappointing. I mean... The original was so fantastic for so many reasons but this new one...

The whole point of the show was to be 'other-worldly' not 1920's new york. That ruined the entire feel of the whole freaking show. And the bending was pathetic. Compared to how amazing everyone was in The Last Airbender, these new-aged benders have no power at all.

Not to mention the whole idea of the major conflict was stupid. Non-benders whining about benders being more powerful. How has this all of a sudden become a problem over the thousands of years. And a problem when technology was advanced to the point where benders aren't even all that powerful in comparison.

How are they going to introduce a major conflict and then solve it all in 12 episodes? There was no time for the characters to develop, or to allow the passage of time in a non-rushed kind of way.

The last one took 3 seasons. I found myself not really caring about any of the characters or their problems until like 6 or 8 episodes in when you finally get comfortable with the characters. It was all way to rushed and forced like they expected us to fall in love with this avatar like we did with Aang. With Aang, we followed him through so much and he developed as a character along that journey. There was no journey with Korra. And there was so little time spent on all the other characters.

It was a cheap cop-out to just make EVERYONE a freaking relative of the originals thinking that's all that was needed and no character development.

6/10 worth a watch; i guess. But it's not going to meet up to any expectations you had after finishing the last airbender. I was disappointed from episode one. Season two better be spectacular.
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