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This LOVELY guild is listed as a drama fee guild who is friendly and helpful to all those who wish to join. After an afternoon of silently questing with a friend and helping her level up a new toon, I logged out for the night. I log in the next afternoon to find myself guildless. I inquire with the officers of the guild online to find out why, they had no clue. I found who kicked me and confronted them asking them why I was kicked. They stated they made a mistell in channel and I had made some comment back at it in which got me kicked. I asked for further clarification on what was said on both sides in a respectful manner and was told that no additional clarification would be needed. Now, for a drama-free guild, kicking without warning for an offhanded comment that likely made because the GM was embarrassed doesn't seem like a drama-free guild to me. In fact, if you are to join this guild, it seems that you had better either stay silent or praise everyone to the hills without another word or you will be booted. If the GM would like to provide the comments that were made (I asked multiple times for these comments) perhaps I may even agree with her, but at this point, it seems if you wish to join the guild expect to stay silent if you wish to stay at all.
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I am witness to this "drama free" guild committing this act. I was the one he was lvlg up, thus we were grouped the entire night. I really do not remember him making any statements in guild. We were silent in guild all evening and night. That is only one of the many points, however. If the GM feels that she can just boot ppl simply because she doesn't like one thing, one statement, one manner....that's just a piss-poor way to run a guild, and it would seem to me that she was power tripping.

No word was made to either of us as to why he was booted when it happened. I was still online when it happened. When I logged in the next day to find out why, no one was very helpful--yet all of those ppl online at the time, were also online when my friend supposedly made a "lewd" statement. I had to keep asking over and over before I even got one response out of any of them. This doesn't sound like the "helpful and friendly" guild that their advertisement would have you believe. Nor is it drama free. False advertising FTL.
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^ says the forum alt
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