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I am thinking about forming a group for this soon. The achievement is: Defeat Algalon the Observer in 10-player mode at level 80 without anyone in the raid wearing any equipment with an item level higher than is available in 10-player Ulduar.
When MoP hits this title could possibly be account wide, so get it while there's a group forming.

Everyone in the group needs to be lvl 80. Most importantly: turn OFF exp gain.

OK to Use:
- All Ulduar 10 normal loot and below (219)
- All Ulduar 10 hard mode loot (226 armor, 232 weapons/ranged)
- All Ulduar 25 normal loot (226 armor, 232 weapons/ranged)
- All weapons/ranged from ToC10 normal (232)
- All Ulduar craftable gear (226)
- All emblem of conquest gear (226)
- Anything from ToC 5 man heroic (219)
- Weapons from ICC 5 mans heroic (232)
- Items from ICC 5 man regular (219)
NOTE: Relics DO NOT count as ranged.

Not OK to Use:
- Any armor from ToC10 normal (232)
- Any Ulduar 25 hard mode loot (239)
- Anything from ToC10 hard (245/258)
- Anything from either version of ToC25 (245/258/272)
- ToC craftables (245)
- Emblem of Triumph gear (245)
- Regular armor from ICC 5 man heroic (232)

As far as gemming/enchanting your gear:
- Epic gems are allowed
- Reforging is allowed
- Heirlooms are allowed (although you shouldn't really be using them)
- The cataclysm leg enchants, profession enchants and Savage Armor Kits are all allowed
- You can use Cataclysm consumables (flasks/potions/food/ Adventurer's Journals)

Experience with the fight is required. I don't care if you do it at 85 or did it 3 years ago, or even watch some videos, just learn whats going on and know what you have to do. While the changes to all the classes and stat scaling at 80 made this fight a bit easier you still need to be very aware of what is going on. You don't need to be full Best in Slot, however, you should be at an average iLvl of close to 219. While this may all sound elitist, the raid itself will be relaxed and fun. This is old content after all.
Send me and in game mail or just reply here if you're interested.
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Current spots open and closed:




Will update as I get more people joining.
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80 Night Elf Druid
I'm more than happy to DPS, I've got a lot of experience on the fight although I need to tune my gear up a little bit more for it to be BiS. My schedule is very random and at times tough to work with but I'll do what I can to help out.
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85 Human Warlock
i am currently gearing a prot paladin, i would be interested to join the group! add me ti_jeffz@hotmail.com
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86 Human Warrior
Getting a disc/shadow Priest ready for this. Would you need me in either of those specs?
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Ok apparently this is 2 healed now. @Flashn if you could go shadow with heals off spec just in case that would be great. have 2 priests already , 1 disc 1 shadow. If we end up having 2 big bangs you could take the 2nd one. @Wendy yea a prot pally would be great, adding you to the list @Eoh sent you an in game mail

BTW, everyone that is posting on alts, could you in game mail me the name of the toon you want to take so I can write it down. thanks
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80 Night Elf Druid
A buddy of mine has a tank pretty much ready to do this, he's unsubscribed so he can't post.


He can resub in order to get this knocked out.
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Added to the list. Only need 2 dps now then once everyone is geared we'll be ready to go.
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85 Human Priest
Do you have an idea of when you're doing this? My warlock is 220 and will be fully gemmed/enchanted in time for a run. (I'm doing an Ulduar-25 on Saturday, which is why I ask.)
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80 Human Warlock
Warlock for armory purposes. Trying to get boots/offhand from Ulduar/5mans.
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Everyone is still gearing so it will be at the soonest 2 weeks. I wouldn't expect it to happen that quickly though. Added you to the list. I will send everyone an ingame mail soon to confirm that you are coming, or you can send me one.
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85 Undead Warlock
Hey there I have a lvl 80 lock 215 ilvl so far on Shadowsong that I would love to bring, been leading Ulduar 25 every week for gear as well so I can help out that way if I were to be included :)
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80 Human Paladin
If you are still looking to do a run, let me know. I have myself and a hunter geared for this.
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