Deadpool is a casual raiding guild, who have been on the server since MC. We are a semi-hardcore 10 man raiding guild aiming for strong heroic progress on current content within a friendly raiding environment. We are currently 3/8 H. However we are looking to overhaul our raid team with some exceptional players to prepare and heavily push our raid progress come MoP to aim for our original goal of competing with the other good guilds on our server.

we have stalled due to the fact we are casual and not a group that kick people out for having real life issues and lives. we have experianced players that are 8/8 Heroics. with this being a team game we need to fill in the blanks.

What do we require?

We are currently open to exceptional players of all classes, although some are a higher priority than others. All exceptional applicants are accepted.

please ask anyone in the guild that is on at the time and they will direct you to someone that can assit you if there any questions you might have.

High Priority:

- 1 Healer (holy pally with dps off preferably but will accept other classes)
- 1 /Resto/Ele Shaman, SP with holy off, or boomchicken
- 1 mage will accept warlocks

Knowing your class is essential. We expect all members to be friendly towards each other and respect each other, this contributes to a good raiding environment which I believe is key to strong raiding team and good progress.

Our Raid Times and Attendance

main raids are held Tuesday - thursday at 745 server

Our raid times might changed due to the fact were are revamping our core
we have 8 solid people that show up and looking to fill in with 4 more people. there are other players in the guild that run with us in our alt runs who do not want to riad as much as our core does.

Our officers we all have multiple toons and always run alt runs to gear guilies alts.

We may also do DS on a Sunday depending on our progress at the start of the raid week.
We expect a high degree of attendance to these raids, especially during progress raids. We realise that sometimes something special might come up and this is ok as long as you notify us beforehand and as long as your attendance doesn't drop too much.

If you are interested in applying, can send a ingame tell to me or like i siad before anyone in the guild that is on at the time will and can assit you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and considering us as a potential guild for you.