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Hi guys, as many of you know I miss you all very much. I recently reactivated my account out of boredom. You see after acquiring a new job working 2nd shift you tend to run out of things to do....

So I diddled around a bit and I couldn't help but feel the same sensation that I felt all the other times I ended my subs. The feeling came swiftly and without hesitation. It was a feeling like asking my Im doing this? What is my motivation? I could never explain this feeling to other people that still enjoy the game but I believe I have found someone that can.

If you're interested please watch the entirety of this youtube video. I'd love to hear back from you guys and if you disagree with this his views.

I personally agree with most of what he has to say. I've raided at high and low levels of progression. I remember standing in awe of Innate, soulbound, highborne, and (that alliance guild someone help me). Looking at their players in awesome gear killing !@#$ that was way out of my reach. I remember being so far behind I had to heal kara in merciless gladiator gear on my druid. After watching this video and thinking back on everything I believe that this is where I had my most fun.

That being said, Ive raided and played with many of you. Don't think that I didnt enjoy my time with you all either. LOL

TL/DR: I feel sad playing game. Makes mouth work bad. Heres man speaks thoughts gud.
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Though I generally do agree with Preach's commentary, I can't really say I enjoy the game any less now than I did back then. Okay, well, I CAN say that, but not because of his reasons. I acknowledge them and would have no qualms with getting back to the way things were, but I don't mind the way they're headed either. As long as future expansions have a cohesive atmosphere and aren't thematic cluster!@#$s of boring, uninspired locations (save Uldum, I love that place), I'm set. Dicking around on the Beta this past week, I can say that I think MoP's got some great things going for it.

Simply put, I understand that that feeling of awe's never going to come back, and it's sad, but at the same time, I feel like it's also a bit of rose-tinted nostalgia. A vast majority of us weren't ever around in Vanilla, but a decent chunk of us started out in Burning Crusade.

A lot of that feeling of awe and inspiration I got was purely from being new to the game. I didn't understand what hardcore progression raiding was, so I thought it was some holy-crap-I'll-never-be-that-awesome stuff.

I spent all my time on good old Veyne, healing dumbasses that stood in fire. I couldn't even afford regular respecs to even know how my class's own DPS spec worked. I did eventually get Rhayge level capped, but there was a huge sense of mystery surrounding what EVERYONE ELSE was doing behind their keyboards in my dungeon groups and raids. I didn't understand what it meant to be a Mage or a Warlock or a Paladin, etc...

6 years later, I've played the HELL out of this game. I'm sitting at 8/10 level capped characters with my Rogue and my Hunter not far off themselves. I worked my way up through the ranks of seriousness in the guilds I was in fairly quickly. I've raided as a healer, I've raided as damage dealer, and I've even raided a little bit as a tank. I've done PvP to the point of loathing.

Just about the only thing I haven't done is experience the whole Alliance thing.

So where the game is headed is just fine for me. Nothing Blizzard can do will ever bring that feeling back, because they weren't the ones that took it away from me. Where I am in the game, and in my life in general, is a place where I'd much rather prefer a "pick up and go" sort of approach to my leisure time. I work 40 hours a week, spend two hours each work day commuting, trying to maintain a solid workout schedule, and also trying to squeeze a few classes in where I can. When I play, I want to have a decent sense of challenge before me, but I also don't want to spend four hours a raid night bashing my face into a brick wall because the rest of my raid group was making the same mistakes over, and over, and over again. And I also want options, and not feel like I have to spend every minute of my game time playing one class.
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80 Blood Elf Priest
Dont get me wrong veyne. Profanity and I still consider this the best game weve ever played. Just consider how long weve played and the amount of time involved. Its just saddening that that aspect of epicness is being lost. You also have to admit that the overall skill level has dropped like its been said in the vid.
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I have enjoyed certain parts of this game more than others. This game would be nothing without the social aspect of it, and I will freely admit that I have met some really cool people that I never would have otherwise that have become as close or even closer than real life friends. It is at times a gear race, and while I used to care about whether my gear was BIS, it has become much less important to me as I realize I don't have the time to devote to raiding, which is why I mainly focused on the PVP aspect during Wrath, and doing achievs and collecting mounts and pets during Cata.
I think the game has become more geared towards casuals because they want to keep people interested and make money, so yes things have definitely changed since TBC when I started. But change is good (unless your main is a warlock), and even so I look forward to what the next expansion brings. Warlocks shall rise again!
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