Dragon Soul 25 GKP

90 Worgen Druid
<Tempest> and <Herp Derp> leadership have decided to co-host a Dragon Soul 25 man GKP for raiders and skilled alts to participate in!

When will this run?
Invites go out at 6:45pm ST each Friday. Raid starts at 7 ST. Be on and ready for invite at 6:45, we will not hold a spot for anyone. If the raid fills up by 6:50, We'll get started early.

The raid goes until all bosses are down, or 11:00pm hits. We expect a full clear, with 1-2 HM's, depending on the group.

What is a GKP?
GKP stands for gold kill points. This is basically the loot method for the run: the person who bids the highest amount of gold on an item wins the item.

How does the GKP work?
Throughout the run, players bid-war to win loot. At the end of the run, the gold pool is evenly distributed to all players in the run (including the people who purchased items). This means that the players who need the gear get gear for gold, and the players who didn't need the gear get gold in return for their efforts in the raid.

Specific Rules
All players are REQUIRED to carry 20k gold on them, as well as bid on all viable upgrades/BIS pieces. If we see a player with a sub-optimal item not bidding on a 397 piece, it's pretty obvious the player is there to just get carried to free valor points and boss kills. This player will not be invited back the next week.

This also means that we will need to bring in a number of players whose gear allows us to carry the less geared characters. This will allow us to still down the content.

If you leave the GKP early and we have to replace you, you do not get any of the gold pool (it is split at the end).

There is a specific minimum opening bid, as well as minimum increment, based on the item level of the gear.

The leaders of the run will document the loot and bids in a public google docs spreadsheet so that the gold and the end split is transparent to everyone.

You must have vent. We will not be typing instructions in raid chat.

How does Bidding Work?
An item will be linked in raid chat.
Bidding starts at minimum bid, works up by stated increments (below).
When bidding slows/stops, the master looter will start a countdown.
At the end of that countdown, the item will be traded to the winner in exchange for gold.

Starting Bid Values
All 397 ilvl items start at 2k with a min 500g increment.

All 403 ilv items start at 3k, with a min 500g increment.

All 410 items start at 4k, with a min 500g increment.

Clusters (Rogue Legendary Quest Items)
Cluster will be auctioned at the START of the raid, as a group. Whoever wins the initial auction will get all the clusters for that run.

Clusters for the run will start at 5k min with 500g increment.

Should the person complete their clusters mid-run, we will hold a second auction for the remaining clusters. The first person will not recieve a refund, and the second auction on clusters will start at 5k.

Mounts will start at 25k with min 5k increment.

How to Sign Up
Whisper Earrl, Anastasiia or Bansath to receive your calendar invite. Accepting the invite does NOT guarantee you a slot. If you have any questions, feel free to pst me in-game or post on this thread.
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90 Worgen Druid
Have quite a bit of interest already for the first GKP of this tier! Let me know if you're interested and I can send a calendar invite.

We'll be doing gear inspects/gold check at the time raid invites go out. Please come prepared to bid on upgrades/mounts and of course, get your share (even split) of the gold at the end!
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90 Worgen Priest
Dragon Soul 25 GKP tonight!

Earrl and I will be doing invites @ 6:45
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90 Human Mage
First Dragon Soul GKP was a success! 8/8 full clear, fast run! People got loot, achievements, titles, and gold!

If you're interested in coming next week, find me (Earrl or Anastasiia) or Bansath and ask for a calendar reminder. We're planning on a couple heroics!
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100 Night Elf Hunter
I know I'm probably not the target audience for this, but since I have nothing else to raid these days; I would be willing to lend a hand with this starting next week and going until I'm no longer needed. I understand I'm not very likely to see an upgrade out of this and you probably want better buyers, though.

Regardless, I figured I would make the offer since I'd like to put myself towards something more constructive than standing idle in Stormwind.
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85 Goblin Priest
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