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Thank ya, an if statement totally slipped my mind O.o
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How would you go about gathering the information for number of points spent in each tree?

foreach($json->talents as $p) {
if ($p->selected == "true") {
$primary = $p->name;
$primaryBuild = $p->build;
$primaryIcon = $p->icon;

foreach($p->trees as $t) {
$primaryTree = $t->total;
} else {
$secondary = $p->name;
$secondaryBuild = $p->build;
$secondaryIcon = $p->icon;

foreach($p->trees as $t) {
$secondaryTree = $t->total;

Is just returning the number of points spent in the third tree. I apologize for so many questions, I'm still new to this. The information you all have given me as helped tonnes there is just a few things that come up that I can't quite figure out.
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foreach($p->trees as $t) {
$secondaryTree[i] = $t->total;

The reason you're only getting the third is cause it's over writing itself each time, so instead store it as a array. Then you know
$secondaryTree[0] = <some number>
$secondaryTree[1] = <second branch number>
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Thanks again Kieble! :)
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I am also new to JSON. Does anyone have any advice on how to pull the API through jscript or, if possible, html/css?

XML/XLS is undesirable, but any of the above would be great.


If it helps, the only feed I would want is this:
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