boss fights if reverse Kara becomes new raid.

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This is purely for entertainment and fan fiction, do not be rude and such.
Hello, this thread are to be used for fight ideas if Reverse Karazahn becomes real raid. Reverse Kara is unused place near Kara but so far it only be accessed using exploits ( no use these, they bad!) it contains several rooms with creepy themes... one such room are creepiest of all (Upsidedown sinners) it large room filled with water and dead rotton fleshy bodies on large hooks under the water. me have idea for boss fight using room. It fully 3D boss fight, you fight giant fishy demon under water,.
Phase one:
The boss is untargetable, it retreats into one of the many holes in the walls and will randomly charge a random player, Players are given a warning and a timed buff that lets them click and hold onto the hooks around them ( the hooks deal damage to all players holding them) the hook buff has random times like fading light from ultrax, if a player does not click a hook in time, the boss will charge them and eat them dealing massive damage which the healers must focus on (other players let go of their hooks at this point) and gains a 5% damage buff as well as a 10% speed buff. If all players click the hooks in time, the boss will charge one and eat a dead body on the hook, the boss becomes targetable and takes 50% increased damage for 15s then becomes untargetable and repeats.

Phase Two: at 40% health the boss becomes both targetable and tankable. The boss also has the damage and speed buffs it gains from phase one. the well enrage every 20s untill it loses 10% health. while enraged it deals 100% damage plus the damage buff it gained in phase one, the tank must either run away from the boss or click on hooks to stun it ( the hooks place a stacking dot on the tank that lasts for 5s and refreshs ever second the tank is on the hook) If the boss is stunned by a hook the hook breaks when the boss losses its enrage . best case would be the boss didnt eat any players and you can just swim from his enrages, worst case would be he is too fast to reach a hook before he one shots you.

(extra phase): after the boss dies its eggs hatch and its a race to kill them before they kill you.
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100 Orc Warrior
Oh, me almost forget. Blizzard are free to use anything posted in thread....since it their game.

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