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A few months ago, I started playing WoW again after a 2 year hiatus. Upon returning, I found that my account had been compromised. Among the many things the hacker destroyed, one of them was my Engineering tradeskill, which he dropped for herbalism. I was able to convince a GM that I had engineering using some items I still had and the statistics pages as evidence. However, some of the things he would not replace were specific recipes that I couldn't substantiate.

I found API commands that would show things like every tabard I've ever equipped, and things of this nature. I was wondering, could there be something similar that would show the recipes I have learned? Considering there is a number saved in the Statistics page, they must have some way of recording which recipes I've had, otherwise they would be counting up from whatever I had before. Instead of the 172 I currently have, it would be somewhere in the vicinity of double that.

If someone could explain to me if this is possible and how I could go about it, I would greatly appreciate it. I'll admit that I'm not a programmer or an expert, but I can understand instructions to work with commands. Preferrably, I could enter some command in-game, but if it's not that simple, I'm prepared to do some work if it's needed.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can lend me a hand in this issue. Having to do all the work of tracking those down would be awful.

-David, a.k.a. Kuraq of Black Dragonflight
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That shows all the recipe ID's you have for your profession in the current API, not sure if that helps as you'll have to map them to the recipes, and there definitely aren't 200 there.

As for statistics, i don't think they've opened that to the API yet, i've been lax on the WOW front with the D3 API coming out, but last i heard it was on the table, but not yet implemented.
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What I'm looking for could possibly be as simple as something like this:

/run y=GetAchievementCriteriaInfo for z=1,87 do a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j = y(1021,z); k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t = y(j) if m==false then print("\124cffff0000\You have NOT YET equipped:\124r",k) else print("\124cff00ff00\You have equipped:\124r",k) end; end

This script will return all the tabards in the game, along with whether or not I've equipped them, for use with the related achievements. I'm hoping that there's some way to use something similar to this to return whether or not I've learned the various engineering schematics.

If anyone who's good with code can work with this, maybe it'll get to where I'm looking to go.

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if your account was used by a hacker they "should" beable to roll back the account but you have to call the 1800 number and talk to them on the phone
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