I’ve been rp’ing for about five years. I’ve played across many different servers and tried out countless guilds. After all of that time I find myself still looking for something I can’t find.

Roleplaying is essentially the pinnacle of "make believe and pretend". Yet somehow it always seems to fall short of what I want it to be, or it feels a little lacking.

So myself and a couple of friends have decided to create what seems to be lacking for us as opposed to searching for it. What we’re gathering around is the concept of an immersive and dynamic experience and we know can accomplish this.

The experiences that define our characters should happen in real time (actual gameplay experiences) instead of being drawn from an elaborate back-story.

Most people find questing and the act of leveling a character to be mundane. This is where we want to draw much of our characters’ development from. Imagine sitting in an RP tavern and instead of telling a story that happened in years passed, you tell the story what happened in Darkshore when you were level 15. Or consider the act of traveling from Shadowglen in Teldrassil to SW harbor an adventure instead of a task. We want to make such everyday, in-game experiences worth telling about. In a nutshell, We want to make these parts of the game as fun, interesting, and vital to our characters'/guilds' story as anything else.

We know what we’re looking for and we have ideas on how to achieve it to create something more dynamic and interesting, but we want a creative and dedicated core to kick it off with. And so we’re looking for more people who, like us, have felt like the RP could be so much more fulfilling.

Here are four concepts that are important to us as we begin:

One, we want to decide on a backdrop for our guild story with ALL of us, that includes you. (Be a part of helping to form the idea.)

Two, each core member who starts with us should have a character who starts from “humble beginnings”. (We want the epicness of your character’s story to come from what happens after the conception of the guild.) We don’t want the King of Whereverville.

Three; Understand that our characters are not the only thing that should change and grow as we continue to play and roleplay. We want an EVOLVING guild. One that is not just “bigger” as we move through expansions and zones etc. But one whose story arcs can be redirected as game content or story-arcs change.

And four; we want this to be a communal, cooperative effort with the core members we start with. This means from conception to conclusion and everything in between. There will obviously be a guild master but there is not a “leader”. We all decide important decisions together and see where the game takes us.

It’s hard to put a concept like this into words that make sense, or that sound very different from what most people try to do.

If the idea of starting out small and fresh appeals to you or if this post reaches someone who is also –looking- for something more immersive yet still simple please find us or let us get to you.

Let’s make a great story together and have fun doing it.

Email any of us at:

Or find us in-game on Emerald Dream through these characters:
Sunekaiel, Vauggo, Aegan, Adalwulf, Khetzamarah, Satyreh

Good luck and have fun guys.
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