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So over in Catiana's nice little "Look what I did!" thread, there was talk of people from our server doing commissions for us less artistically gifted. Some of you may know we have a DeviantArt page up and running for the server's artists. Now, it's most definitely not just for RPers. If you have art of your characters, don't be afraid to join us and toss some of your work in there!

Okay, back to the point. I figured since there's a lot of people out there who want pictures done of their characters, I'd make a place for people to find artists up for doing commissions! So far, I know Pyornthe was offering to do commissions for people, but you'd have to ask him for details.

So If you're an artist, tell us here! If you do commissions, give rates and a sample of your work. This way you get business, and we get pretty pictures!

Also, for those of you who don't know, is our deviant art page. Feel free to add any character art, stories, profiles, or RP-in-action screenshots to the group. :D
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Hi people.

I do commissions if anyone is interested. Right now I probably just want to do bust or waist-up ones, but if you want to bribe me or something I might consider doing full-bodies. Most of my examples of WoW stuff are a bit older, so I'm using some personal pictures for quality examples.

Full portfolio:

I can do for you:
Rough bust: $10

Rough waist-up: $15

Good bust: $20

Good waist-up: $30 (this is a bit old so the anatomy is off; yours will be much nicer!)

The main difference between "rough" and "good" is how long I spend on the colouring and rendering and how much detail I include. So if you get a "good" one, I'll fart around with nitpicky armor details, and if you get rough, things will be more loose.

Info about commissions is here:

Basically I need you to pay half up front, then half after I send you the final file, and then the image is yours to do what you want with as long as it's for personal use only. You can pay through paypal or I can probably set up a custom listing if you're more comfortable with that.

Please send an email to cnids.commissions (at) if you're interested or have any questions. Commissions should take me a maximum of a week to complete and I'll reply to any emails within a day.
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