Aeonaxx? Where are you?

85 Worgen Hunter
I am Codydude, a worgen and a hunter. A hunter of all rare pets, and mounts. Right now I am looking for Aeonaxx, a rare dragonkin in Deepholm, said to spawn rarely. I have been camping on and off, here and there, every so often, for about a year. Sadly, I have never seen anything. Not Aeonaxx, nor the dreaded bat that shares a spawn timer with Aeonaxx, the Blood Seeker.

Just recently, about 3 days ago, I decided to try even harder to find him because I was bored. I have been sitting in Deepholm for 3 days, with no sign of Aeonaxx. I hope to find him soon. In the past three days I have camped for Aeonaxx for 34 hours. I am bored to death and you can not image how much I want Aeonaxx to finally spawn. I have seen Golgarok spawn twice, and Jadefang spawn once, in the past 3 days. Like I said, Aeonaxx, WHERE ARE YOU!!!

If anyone has seen Aeonaxx recently, mainly on the Arygos realm, it would be apreciated if you could tell me when you last saw him, and any useful helpful info you might think of when you finally killed him. If you killed him, Congrats! I hope to get Aeonaxx soon. Please pst me ingame to help me or something lol or talk to me I am very bored. Any one want to start this thread goin and have some fun with me? Please reply so i am not bored.


Have you seen Aeonaxx recently? When? What Realm? Please help with any info.

Also, lets start this thread up and have some fun!

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89 Human Paladin
Aeonaxx spawns where and when he pleases, whether it takes two days or two weeks or two months. Years just means you dont camp it enough.
I would recommend praying to the gods of RNG, they are your only savior here.
You will
1) sit outside the entrance to Stonecore
2) download NPCscan or Silverdragon
3) wait
4) wait
5) god darn it
6) keep waiting
7) my god
8) please help
9) fffff
10) cry before people with the mount in stormwind.
11) wake up in the middle of the night because aeonaxx has invaded your dreams.
12) hit walls because aeonaxx spawned when you were afk
13) stupid bloodseeker
14) give up and wait for the next expans new mount.
15) maybe get lucky and get it
16) lolnope
17) ???
18) profit

also you can sleep with wow up and turn your volume really high so that npcscan will wake you up, you can have it still make sound when your game sound is off. You can prevent being afk-logged using methods I won't say on here, but its pretty obvious how you could go about that.

Also if you have multiple accounts to cover the two spawn regions that helps too.
ALSO his spawn in completely RNG, so he could spawn three times in a single day, or sometimes he won't spawn the entire week. My friend has "hardcore" camped this for 20 days straight without seeing ANYTHING while I've on-and-offed for 8 days so far doing dungeons for satchel loots etc making lots of goldz. Maybe I'll just buy a vial of the sands with all the money I've made from AHings (made 5k this week) and rarelootz. Got myself a hyacinith macaw from satchel the other day, scored me an easy 13k. So, you can still play the game and just camp when you are doing something irl like reading a book doing work etc. Ultimately I am a patient man and I like the purple mount more than the stone drake from tehe vial, so I will get it. Might just take a long time, and a lot of energy bills.

Keep in mind since aeonaxx is RNG, you having camped there for x-amount of time makes you ZERO PERCENT more likely to get him, sadly. ): Also cba for grammar its an internet post ololo.
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90 Worgen Druid
If you believe that anyone on Arygos is going to give you a helping hand with anything, you're sorely mistaken. Maybe lending you a couple gold to pay for repairs or something, but handing free information over regarding a rare mount? You'd be more likely to stumble across Bigfoot wearing a sombrero.
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90 Human Death Knight
Infact, I saw bigfoot wearing a sombrero. Looked like he was on the corner of Dilling street and Beck Ave.
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90 Gnome Rogue
07/18/2012 02:55 AMPosted by Treebloom
If you believe that anyone on Arygos is going to give you a helping hand with anything, you're sorely mistaken. Maybe lending you a couple gold to pay for repairs or something, but handing free information over regarding a rare mount? You'd be more likely to stumble across Bigfoot wearing a sombrero.

And then why you try and help people when they don't want it, they get pretty hostile...
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85 Worgen Hunter
Dear everybody in the whole world that has ever played WoW in the history of WoW on the Arygos realm looking for Aeonaxx, I have been camping him day and night for 13 days straight. Not even a sign!

Thank you Dangerie for your helpful information, I hope the RNG will give me some luck soon.

And to everyone else, I actually have seen bigfoot in a sombraro before!!!


Thank you! and wish me some luck please, if you won't give me any help? Please?

(sad puppy face eyes)

Lets pass some time while waiting for Aeonaxx :D
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90 Tauren Druid
i waited 2 weeks for him and i was just straight camping and then finally o got him he was around the back left side of the temple if you look on your map dont give up hope i found him at 3 pacific time
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90 Blood Elf Priest
He just spawned at 4:16pm on Sept 6th :) for anyone still camping aeonaxx.
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If you've ever camped TLPD... Aoenaxx's spawn is similar to that of Vyragosa, it's on an 8-12 (some say 8-24) hour spawn. You can be lucky and get it in one night, but since we have CRZ's now you're competing with a lot more people. Find one of the spawn points and camp that, is my recommendation - if you do a fly-around, Aoenaxx could spawn and be flying and you could still never see him. But, unlike TLPD which only has a small CHANCE of popping each of those spawns, Aeonaxx does spawn every cycle. So it's not impossible! Good luck.
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