Hows this server?

Mostly interested in horde side.

Hows the world pvp?

Random BG win / loss ration at all levels.


Thanks for any replies. :)
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90 Human Death Knight
Horde side:

WPVP: You will have no lack of Alliance to fight. (You are Outnumbered)

BG win/loss: About even if your contributing to the team well.
*Side Note* Queue times are amazing Horde side, less than a minute usually!

Rp: Existent, just need to find the right crowd.
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90 Goblin Shaman
This Server Is Great
Because It has Ol' Sizzlack
erogenous zone
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82 Undead Warlock
avoid vco
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90 Worgen Druid
Venture Co is a great place to be. As Trexbor said, there is a bit of an imbalance Horde to Alliance atm, but that can be a benefit too, if you're looking for action. There's a few great guilds Horde-side. If you're looking for RP and wPvP I'd suggest Blacktooth Grin, or Thunderhoof Clan.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
aaah? I see she joined the royal apothecary. Wise choice! I hope it's what you wanted!
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Just curious...when did the A to H imbalance shift? I recall a time not long ago when WE were the underdogs here.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Good question.

In my opinion it was during the whole "Veco is dying, move to ED" movement which I believe was Feb/Mar. Horde lost Project Mayhem, Dragonmaw Vanguard and a couple other guilds to ED.

Mind you the Alliance took a hit as well, but PM and DMV were very aggressive.
The only real aggressors nowadays over here are Blacktooth Grin and Dark Clan of Fenris(That I know of anyway, feel free to correct me).

We do have alot of PvPers over here though. I feel as if a majority of them are still gearing up or not as interested in WPvP as the more aggressive guilds of the past.

That's my opinion anyway.

Still gearing up to be useful,
Priestess Sia
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Just being real here..

Horde side ranked pvp is pretty close to dead. I spend hours in trade looking for arena partners, for 2s, 3s, 5s, any comp, etc. It's just not active in that regard, RBGs are the same way. I know of some RBG groups that run, but a lot of the people I've met have been turned off by the people running them, resorting to either trying to start their own group, or just not running at all due to lack of people, or at least lack of people you'd trust on your team in an RBG. It's an unorganized mess.

World pvp is frequent, but horde get steamrolled because 1/10 will respond to it, the others will sit on their mounts and let it happen. Horde guilds often collaborate with alliance guilds to organize pvp if that's your thing, but that just doesn't have the feel that spontaneous pvp has.

I generally run BG groups with off server friends, and we tend to win the majority of them, as far as just random groups go, it's a toss up, but like Trex said, you'll generally get a queue within 10s or so which is great.

Overall, I'd recommend not coming here. Most of the people here will obviously disagree, but if I were transferring I'd want to know this stuff. As far as the people here go, I really can't say anything negative about anyone on Veco, they're friendly, welcoming, all that good stuff.

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