Hey Thorium Brotherhood!

We've reached the end of the expansion blues and sadly many players have moved to other games, went on WoW vacations or both. I've seen some raid groups fall apart due to a simple lack of players.

For those interested, a channel has been started for raiders to join in hopes of finding talent and/or putting together both short term and long term raid groups.

Currently this channel resides on Horde side but having it server wide would only benefit more focused players.

It is requested that you follow a few guidelines:
Reliability: Be reliable for the raid(s) you're joining
Be fair on loot distribution and rolls
Properly Geared: ILvl 378 PvE gear is ideal to join Dragon Soul raids but of course those putting together raids may have their own requirements. But you should always be gemmed and enchanted accordingly with knowledge on the class you're playing.

If you're interested please type /join RaidersUnion

As always, enjoy!