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For those of you with a passion for 25man raiding, there's a discussion going on in the beta forums about how it seems to be dying and what changes could be made to make a difference.

We're looking for more players to weigh in with their thoughts. If you have beta access, it would be great if you would contribute in the thread. If you don't but you have comments you want to share, post them here and I'll be happy to quote paste them into the thread for you.
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I know the thread started out as "make my 25 more special", that's part of what dragged me into the thread. I don't see any reason for 25 to get greater rewards than 10mans, nor do I want to see things going back to separate lockouts where you can get loot from both, so I'll fight those vigorously.

But after a while it started shifting a bit more to "how do you get players back into 25" and that's something I feel is worth pursuing. Options are good things and I know a lot of players who would like to be running 25man more because they think it feels more "epic" to be part of the larger group. Are there ways to draw more players back into 25man raiding, short of increasing the rewards over what 10 gets?
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07/13/2012 05:17 PMPosted by Thelanoreo
Also, so far a lot of his arguments are very much a matter of perspective. He says that if 1 person doesn't show, it makes it worse for 25s because he/she disappoints 24 people instead of 9. I say it's worse in 10 because it's a larger percentage of the raid that is missing and a lower chance that someone in the raid can fill in the role and it's a bigger difference to be short 1 out of 10 than 1 out of 25.

This is actually something I agree with here. A smart GM who runs a 10 man will want to keep an active roster of 12-14 players on average to account for things like real life, class stacking, and other issues to help smooth out progression. A smart GM who runs a 25 man will want 30-35 raiders on average to account for the same issue. Even if you fail to show up, the 25 man raid is much better off because there are as many as 10 people to replace you.

07/13/2012 05:17 PMPosted by Thelanoreo
You're always gonna need those 2 (for the most part) because realistically, 1 healer can't do current content.

For a rare exception, it was not uncommon to do heroic Ultraxion with only 1 healer in 10 mans. It isn't common by any means, but there are times when a single healer in a smart raid is perfectly acceptable. But I don't think rare exceptions like this are going to disprove what Thel said.

07/13/2012 05:17 PMPosted by Thelanoreo
I completely disagree that 25s should have any advantage over 10s. It can be argued that they already have a great advantage.

I would be fine with a marginal increase in # of items dropped to account for the difficulty of gathering 25+ people over gathering 10+. I don't think that's ridiculous or unfair, you have more people to account for and therefore loot RNG problems do multiply pretty much.

07/13/2012 05:55 PMPosted by Thelanoreo
separate the lockouts imo

this i would be fine with too
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