Ironman Challenge Thread, Part IV

63 Draenei Hunter
I love the challengers on Wyrmrest Accord - we chat, joke, commiserate when one of us die and give moral support to each other. That atmosphere is what has kept me coming back time and again. I don't want to lose it.

If I didn't have a large and active guild to lead, I would still be there with that community, it's fabulous! I'm glad to hear it continues still xD

Wouldn't taking a specialization negate even doing an ironman challenge? It seems to me that would just be leveling a character with a specialization. All you would be avoiding was selecting the 6 optional talent points.

Quite true.
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41 Gnome Warrior
Played a little as is (lvl 40 warrior with no specialization). Went to Northern Barrens to try the new stuff. Rage generation seemed slow on Battle and Defensive stance (did not try Berserker). Headed to southern Barrens where an encounter with 2 lvl 31 left me with less then 1/3 hp (but victory rush couldn't kick in, mobs being too low in lvl)

Headed to Theramore, where lvl 35 mobs are green. Most lvl 35 mobs leave me with less than 1/2 hp, after a second I have to eat even if I could use victory rush. Before the patch I could handle 3 of them at the same time, now 2 at a time would mean death for me. The only high damage I have is heroic strike, but rage generation seems slower; I have to manage the rage if I want to be able to use execute.

So far it seems it will be a lot more difficult
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49 Night Elf Druid
So I rerolled after the patch. MoP gives you for free what used to be part of the cat feral specialization and very early on at that. Mangle and increased running speed at an early level. Between that and being able to switch between cat and caster (to rejuv or pull with a moonfire) without any loss of energy, it really doesn't feel like iron at all. Sub level 10 leveling is going extremely rapidly.

Subjectively, it feels like mobs are packed a little thicker, but it's much easier to take them down too, which may be adding to the sense of rapid leveling. But I can't be sure.

I suspect this situation is by design. With five more levels in the game the low leveling speed has to be sped up more and more. For my cat playstyle at least, MoP will be easier than Cata was for quite a while.

My new toon is Mironna on WrA.
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46 Gnome Warlock
Personally, I'm not worried about that leaderboard. This challenge is and always has been a personal challenge. I checked that board simply to see how the others were doing. Some people made it a race and the majority of the challengers stopped leveling when we had a "winner". The ones that remain seem to see it as it was meant to be - a personal challenge to see if they could do it.

I have no idea what Casa has planned for that board or if he has even given it a second thought. Why would one care if a mage that was able to level with a frostbolt and the other stuck with using frostfire? It's a personal challenge. The mage using the frostbolt has no bearing on your challenge unless you are making this a contest and that is not what the intention of the challenge is. Don't worry about what someone else is doing and play your own game.

Hi everyone!

Was going to post my feelings about the recent changes but i figured that quooting Kahlee's statement would work, since that's pretty much how I feel. I'm actually looking forward to trying the challenges with the new changes in the game. Now if I could just find the time to give Houarn some love...

The Order of iron lives on!
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27 Dwarf Paladin
Spoke to Khalee this morning

For those in "too cute to die" guild due to the extra fast leveling of guilds since 5.0.4 patch the guild will be disbanded permanently.

Guild was reformed only 4 days ago and almost lvl 2 !!!
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90 Troll Druid
Just an FYI: has been updated to work with 5.0.4 changes, and is back online. I added a new column for which expansion the character most recently earned a level in; ie. if you earned a level after August 28, you get "Mists". Otherwise, you get "Cata". I also got ready for the Panda launch on Sept. 25th; I just need to flip a switch to change maximum level to 90 and allow Monks.
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85 Draenei Mage
09/01/2012 07:27 AMPosted by Casa
I added a new column for which expansion the character most recently earned a level in

Well done
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33 Human Paladin
Death by dc in southern barrens.

Which made no sense as the only aggressive mob that was even in range of me was just killed before i dc'd.

Oh well, and here pally felt too easy compared to shammy.
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43 Night Elf Hunter
I'm trying again, this time on a goblin warrior (yes, it may take a few attempts, but that robochicken WILL fall!), I'll be updating soon.

(One hour later...)
Ironcoin has defeated the infamous robochicken by a barrage of throwing knifes! (Seriously blizz, give it a cooldown or something)

As soon as she is updated, I shall begin to post on Ironcoin.

Good luck to everyone!
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30 Gnome Warlock
The small tunnel door in the corner of the Train Station was guarded by heavily armed, scowling soldiers of S.A.F.E wearing shades glittering with the tell-tale indicators of coordinated radio comms.

"Your clearance, warlock?" The oldest gnome's chiseled face was steel hard and contrasted sharply with her almost squeaky voice.


Byronie could hear a voice just beyond the turn in the tunnel snarking, "Wonder how she managed to get that?"

The prismatic card refracted light in holographic patterns, in addition, it had a simple binary code understood only by a few to represent the shared key to the passcode gears, themselves the source of the Prime Number.

The reader was new and both read the card as well as flashing a scan, briefly, across Byronie's retina. A whirring sound and a robot voice answered in the affirmative. The S.A.F.E. officer turned without a hint of a smile.

"Follow me."

Beyond the bend two S.A.F.E. officers stood at attention and allowed the two gnomes to pass, and beyond that, an old terminal stood in front of a elementium and felsteel alloy door pockmarked by the shrapnel from radioactive blasts.

The terminal waited for instructions. Byronie recited.
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30 Gnome Warlock

The robotic voice obediently asked, "What is the best beer?"

"Olde Fortran."

The gate slid open.

The holdout community had secreted itself in a warren of handblasted tunnels in the years between the trogg invasion and the breakthrough when warlock forces, fighting their way toward the surface, finally were met by a S.A.F.E. team making its way into the city. Led by the benevolent Computer, which was certain that the surface was covered with radiation and too dangerous to enter, the holdouts had adopted Troubleshooting as their way of life.

One of the essential teachings of The Computer was the importance of backup copies. Byronie had carefully created six clones of herself.

The vat room, in a tunnel beyond the communal mess hall that was now abandoned, still contained a few living clones kept in stasis should a fighter need to be replaced with his backup. They were floating in vats of glowing green fluid, hooked up to life support kept going with fel gearing and a Light battery, personally charged by priest medics, attached to a series of luminous capacitors.

Byronie had carefully sacrificed two of her own clones. Their substitutes were almost too large for the holding vats.

They were two identical female night elves.

Byronie placed the soulstone in the receiving port of the more brightly glowing vat. It slid into the vat with a hiss and the fel and Light mixed energies, in a conflict kept from exploding only by the thinnest of felsteel, began enveloping the motionless night elf.
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41 Night Elf Druid
The night elf coughed up the vilest of green fluid and sat up. She found herself at eye level with a tiny robot and an even tinier gnome in pigtails. The robot was vacuuming up the green glowing fluid that was spilling out of the open vat containing the elf.

"The Computer is your friend," the robot said. "You have been improved with optimal feline genetics and are now 332.33% (repeating, of course) more effective in combat! Report for duty immediately, Troubleshooter!"

The gnome laughed and began to dance.
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90 Undead Rogue
08/19/2012 04:37 PMPosted by Neverdied
My personal take is that classes should be able to use talents after 5.0.4.

I respectfully disagree.

The entire point of the IMC, from the getgo, was to attempt leveling to cap with a large number of handicaps... using just bare-bones abilities. It tested player knowledge and decision making abilities.

Though the talent system has undergone a tremendous change it is still an "advantage" beyond those "bare bones". Whether the changes will make accomplishing the IMC more difficult or impossible has yet to be determined and to me until that determination is made, the original intent of the IMC should remain... no talents. If it actually becomes impossible to cap under the new system, then certainly readressing use of talents would be the next step, but until then, I recommend staying with the rules as they stand.
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71 Draenei Warrior
There seems to be some confusion between 'talents' and 'class spec' here.

I agree that there is no reason to relax the rule on 'talents'.

However Class Spec might be another matter and worthy of consideration. Only one rule change needed. You can choose a spec at level 10.

As discussed earlier, with the recent changes you are more handicapped without a spec than you were before. (perhaps fatally so for magic users). And the class spec is not as aggressive as it was before so it does not unbalance the Challenge to the extent it did previously.
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31 Night Elf Druid
After a long hiatus I have returned!

When the expansion is available, the first thing I intend to do is start a new Iron character, with no intention of selecting a specification when I level high enough. I'm interested in seeing just how much of an affect that will make.

I seem to recall a time, say around eight months ago, when a whole host of naysayers talked about the impossibility and stupidity of the Iron challenge. I want to find out for myself, and it seems just like the type of challenge Ironpeople are looking for, in spades.

I don't know what the beta was like, and there's no guarantee the it will be the same once the game goes live, but I'm not willing to admit defeat and select a spec until I KNOW it can't be done otherwise.

People had to learn how to be better players and actually know their class in order to succeed as an Iron player. The expansion just ups the ante a bit. My guess is there are many people just drooling to start a new character and not choose a spec.
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41 Night Elf Druid
I can't speak for other classes, but druid has certainly gotten easier for the playstyle I am using, which is to cat/caster without any spec or talents.

Part of what had been feral has been rolled into the base and you don't lose energy when you switch out to caster to pull or heal. The dps difference is enormous.

It would be a difficult change though for people who were used to doing bear and Faerie Fire.

I've been tied up with work and haven't been able to play as much as I would like, but every time I do a few hours it's a few levels. I also have an alt I'm going to strip down and throw at the Stonetalon balloon quest to be sure I can do it before I try it on iron, after that, I expect smooth sailing all the way to Hellfire.
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41 Night Elf Druid

People had to learn how to be better players and actually know their class in order to succeed as an Iron player. The expansion just ups the ante a bit. My guess is there are many people just drooling to start a new character and not choose a spec.

And there's no reason not to play around with different classes too and see what works best for you.

The patch notes seem to show a lot of nerfing of even normal warriors. That seemed to be to be a tough class for iron - not a lot of self healing - it must be really bad now.
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31 Night Elf Druid
09/21/2012 11:16 PMPosted by Mironna
The patch notes seem to show a lot of nerfing of even normal warriors. That seemed to be to be a tough class for iron - not a lot of self healing - it must be really bad now.

I think true melee dps classes with no healing abilities (Rogue, Warrior) are the hardest to do the Iron Challenge with.

Druid is the go to class in my opinion, and one look at the standings shows that after Hunter, Druid seems to be the most popular amongst the higher level participants.

During my hiatus I did meet a Panda Monk that seems to have the stuff of Iron about him. While not quite as hampered as other melee dps classes (since Monks do have healing capabilities I believe) I'm interested to see how he fares on his quest down the Path of Iron.
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67 Draenei Paladin
If specs are allowed then there is no need to do an ironman challenge as that negates the challenge and you are just leveling normally but without choosing talents that add little or nothing at all to the spec that has been chosen and without glyphs (which for the most part are useless now). As for hunter's pets, they all come with a spec and there is nothing that can be done about that because you can't undo them.

But, this is a personal challenge and if you want to level with a spec, please feel free to do so. Just remember that if you do add your name to the leaderboard you will be marked accordingly because you will not be following the rules of the ironman challenge but rules you have modified for your own personal challenge.
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