I'm going to the big D.....

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and yes, I do mean Dallas!

My wife and I are finally leaving the back water woods of Idaho for the wild world of Dallas, Texas. I already know a few people who live there but checking to se if others I may know by toon name live there as well.

Post here if you live in the region.


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I used to live a couple hours from there in Abilene, Texas. Then later in Oklahoma City. Alas, I'm far, far, far away from there now. Kiss the holy ground that is Texas for me. :)
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I'm from down the road in Houston. =D

Been meaning to go up there and catch a Rangers game eventually. I'm an Astros guy first and foremost, but the Rangers are a really really fun team to watch.
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You'll like it here in Dallas, just make sure the A/C in your car is working!
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90 Undead Priest
Both Icynuttz and I are in Dallas... what part of Dallas are you gonna live in??
i also know a few people on ally side that live close by.
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Dallas is awesome. I think 1/3 of Thunderhorn is from Texas. Im in Frisco which is northern Dallas.
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90 Night Elf Priest
I live two hours from Dallas lol.
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90 Undead Priest
haha yea.. Dallas is huge.... we could both live here in the metroplex and still be 3+ hours away.... I used to stay in Miami and was amazed at how small it was. I could get from one end of Miami to the other in like 20min.. 20min wont even get me to downtown Dallas.
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Llythe and I live outside of Tulsa, OK. Probably 6-7 hours from Dallas.
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85 Human Warlock
<--- this guy... I actually live in Plano but work in Dallas... Welcome to the home where FPS games were born. ...ID software is based Richardson.. If you're into LAN parties there's 3 day free gaming event call Quakecon from August 2-5th (http://www.quakecon.org). Just have to sign a waiver form and bring your PC or you can sign up as a spectator. Everyone gets a free shirt at the vendor booths and a chance to win a car.. Free swag, workshops, and gaming is what you ever do at quakecon. You don't have to play quake to join, just bring any any game and enjoy the moment... People bring there consoles, Mame machines and custom PC's...On Saturday's is the free afterparty with free food/drinks/entertainment... At least 8000+ people attend every year. I've been attending Quakecon since 2002 and it doesn't disappoint. I've actually played WOW and while I was raiding, a crowd of people just pull their chairs up and watched me play. It was pretty cool.. .
Look me up in the quakelive area - DrunKenG

On September 15, 2012 there's another free gaming event called Gearbox Community Day 2012. (http://www.gearboxsoftware.com/communityday). Gearbox software, makers of borderland series, is hosting this event. Also free swag, mini tourneys..however, No LAN party..
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I won't be there until August 22nd most likely so i will miss the first event but I will look into the 2nd.

I am most likely going to live near North Ft Worth, maybe Richland Hills, somewhere up there. Working on a place now. My wife will work in Ft Worth so I am going to have the commute to Las Colinas.
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100 Orc Shaman
Sym! I believe Sorvy is in downtown Dallas. I'm in a small town called Greenville...about an hour (give or take) east of Dallas.

I would like to second what Klarus suggested, summer sucks...
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I was hoping you were going to say Detroit :) (closer to my neck of the woods)
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
Austin TX, well Hutto TX represent. If you want nice but a cheap area to live I suggest Watauga, Low crime nice neighborhoods low prices.
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Im chilling in Carrollton...A lil north of Dallas
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