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ok so heres whats up, im not a big anime guy but a friend convinced me to watch the fullmetal alchemist on netflix and it was actually really good, but as most people who have seen the first attempt know it didnt really feel complete. so i watch FMA brotherhood, the second attempt, and it was awesome, much better then the first which was already pretty good, i mean i even went "googling" to find a good site so i could watch the second half of the series since netflix doesnt have it.

but my issue is i have no clue when it comes to anime, and although FMA brotherhood had a great ending that felt complete im still sad that its over, ya know? its like when you finally finish the last book in a trilogy or something, you feel accomplished but unless you have another book lined up afterwards youre left wanting more :P

so heres m question, what animes do you guys recommend? im looking for something similar to FMA (original and/or brotherhood), has a lot of episodes so it doesnt end that quickly, and one thats on netflix (at least part of it).

thnx to anyone who decides to take the time to seriously help me out :)

i guess thats why i read the drizzt do'urden books now that i think about it, theyre not only VERY good but they seem to be never ending lol

EDIT: and oh yea, i saw the 6 episodes of fooly cooly and was wondering if that story ever continued in some fashion? cause it didnt feel like it had actually completed at the end :P

and ofc same goes for trinity blood, it was DEFINITELY not over but i cant find anything after the final episode they got on netflix >.<

hmmm.... now that i think of it out of the 3 animes ive seen FMA brotherhood is the first to TRULY finish lol is that a typical trend? to not end?
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I only just got Netflix so I don't have their catalog memorized (also it's the Canadian Netflix so I get a much smaller selection) just skimming it I'd recommend "D-Greyman" and "Soul Eater" those are both decent action shows.

you might also try "Darker than Black", "Blood +" and "Moribito"

US Netflix probably has a lot of others than the piddly selection I'm seeing. Check if they have "Hero Tales". It's by the same person who did FMA.

I watch most of my shows off a streaming site called Crunchyroll. They have a pretty huge catalog there.
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hmmm.... now that i think of it out of the 3 animes ive seen FMA brotherhood is the first to TRULY finish lol is that a typical trend? to not end?

it kind of is, and it gets really annoying at times.

Most anime is made by committee. The people who publish the original comic or book it's based on, the people who produce the show, the networks it's going to show on, the people who make the DVDs, the people who make the merchandize, etc...

A lot of times the committee wants just enough episodes to get people interested in buying the various products, so you get a lot of shows that run 12 or 26 episodes and then just stop, having done their job of increasing sales for the different committee groups.

and you can feel it too. The show just comes to a halt wrapping things up in a way that doesn't really settle anything or with some climactic final battle that, just doesn't feel right somehow (looking at you Claymore)

It's only when a show is going to generate major advertising dollars for the networks that they go on forever.
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EDIT: and oh yea, i saw the 6 episodes of fooly cooly and was wondering if that story ever continued in some fashion? cause it didnt feel like it had actually completed at the end :P

Kind of. Diebuster is another very short series that exists in the same universe, just in space.

And quite a ways into the future after FLCL, most likely.

Practically all the same people worked on it, and it has a very similar feel. You'd probably enjoy it. Technically Diebuster is Gunbuster 2, but there's really no connection to Gunbuster besides the name.

At least that's what I've read.

I sincerely doubt you'll find it on Netflix, though. So you might have to get... creative.

For that matter, I really have no idea what you might find on netflix. I tend to like pretty dark stuff, though. So I'd recommend Ghost in the Shell, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, Texhnolyze, Afro Samurai, etc.

Pretty sure they'd have at least 2 out of 4.

You could also look at Samurai Champloo, for no particular reason I think you might like it.

PS: And Death Note. That's an easily accessible one for someone new to anime.
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89 Undead Warlock
Darker than Black. Modern setting, people with super powers, really good characters and plot.

Soul Eater: good fighting anime with good characters except Black*Star, plot is a bit rushed towards the end.

Fate/stay night: magical setting in modern day with characters based off of historical/mythic heroes.

The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: high school anime about a girl who's god.

Those are a few good ones I can recommend to someone new to anime.
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Dragonball Z is where it all started for me, simply amazing for something made in the 80's

Some of my favorites are Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, One Piece, Death Note and Naruto.

I'd suggest Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki is one badass mofo.
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Hmm it's disappointing that it seems like Netflix has taken down a lot of shows since I last checked but here's what I would recommend with what's still on there:

-Gurren Lagann. This show may have been slightly over the top but to this day is one of the greatest things that I have ever watched. I HIGHLY recommend this show. Row Row Fight the Power!! *cough* Sorry I may have gotten carried away there. Anyway, continuing.....

-Darker than Black (sadly they don't have the OVA and the second season).

-Blood+. It felt a little slow during the beginning but got quite good in the second half.

-Full Metal Panic. Well the good thing is it seems like they have all 3 seasons of this show on there. Good balance between comedy, plot and character development. I really enjoyed it.

-Samurai Champloo. Frankly, anything directed by Watanabe Shinichiro is going to be great and this is no exception.

-If you really want long then you don't have to look further than Naruto or Bleach but it seems like they removed Bleach.

-Ghost in the Shell SAC is fairly long and very good, too.

I could go on and on, especially if you weren't limiting it to Netflix, but I think I'll end it there. Enjoy :)
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
07/20/2012 06:41 AMPosted by Kalidan
I'd suggest Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki is one badass mofo.

Bleach has it's ups and downs, but the final battle with Aizen was one of the best I've ever seen. And Ulquiorra, for that matter. Those fights were absolutely exceptional. For Bleach and Naruto I basically read the manga and watch the anime when I know they got to something I want to see.
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100 Troll Hunter
Gurren Lagann.

Anyone who hasn't seen this is denying themselves the best experience of their lives.
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100 Dwarf Hunter
Highly recommend Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Decently lengthy by standard anime means (Netflix has like 52 episodes or so to watch!) and is a very VERY good anime. Good action spaced apart perfectly, compelling story, suspense, comedy, everything. It's prob one of the better structured series I've seen from all genres of shows.
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24 Human Hunter
Major and Rurouni Kenshin are good. no idea if those are on netflix though you should go check out the FMA manga it lasts a bit longer than the anime
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100 Draenei Paladin
Gurren Lagann.

Anyone who hasn't seen this is denying themselves the best experience of their lives.

Lots of good recommendations, ^^this one in particular.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
Not sure if it's on Netflix, but I like Higurashi-no-naku-koro-ni, give it a try!
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90 Goblin Mage
Boku no Pico
Pico to Chico
Pico x Chico x Coco
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85 Worgen Death Knight
wow..... thats A LOT of different shows i have to check out still..... lol

atm im trying out ghost in the shell stand alone complex, and its OK. and also just found hellsing ultimate.... pretty ummm.... great haha

gurren lagann next, seems to be pretty popular and well liked.

but ty everyone for the input, i had no idea there were so many different animes, id respond to each suggestion but theres just too many o.O
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85 Dwarf Shaman
Dragon ball Z is always the answer

edit: rephrase that to, Dragon ball Z up until the end of the Cell saga is always the answer.
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85 Worgen Death Knight
dude ive seen every single DB, DBZ, and DBGT episode to date!

i was unaware it was an anime until someone said so earlier in this thread lol

but yes, awesome show :D

..... until DBGT ruined it ofc..... >.>
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