Monday evening at 7 30 server. I shall be putting together a 25 man HM Uld run. I do wish to apologize for not being able to run these more actively due to starting a new job and being completely pooped after I get off. But that is besides the point.

Loot rules are simple

Legendary items are reserved. The first person to win one, gets the remainder of them for the evenings runs. Once the shard has been distributed , I will continue to run Uld 25 until the maces completion.

Mount of course will be needed upon ( Mimirons head )

All other loot will be Transmog/MS/OS....

All achievements will be done, however there are some fights which will have to be gimped such as Crazy cat lady and Kologarns. So please, No Rathraks, or Cunnings equiped. ^^

This will be a Yogg 0 kill

Just message me in game if you are wishing to attend and by all means, level 80's are encouraged to attend. Or send me mail so I can set up the Uld calandar