Help me become the KING of twinks (please)

19 Troll Druid
Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole Is what I want, but I daresay i'll need help to get it. To be more specific, I want to create the King of Twinks.
What I need:
1. Hordie with 2p mount and find fish
2. Enchanter(s) with Formula: Enchant Cloak - Stealth Formula: Enchant Chest - Greater Stats Formula: Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility Horde or Alliance, neutral AH is a thing
3. Any kind Horde or Alliance to stop fishing in the Kalu'ak fishing derby for an undefined amount of time. (not fishing in the stranglethorn event would help too but less necessary)

I know this seems a lot to ask especially the part about giving up on the derby but its paramount to success. With each win i'll get 5000 Kalu'ak rep (+500 with guild perk) and it takes 42000 rep to get to exalted so doing some quick math... 8 wins or roughly 2 months minimum.

I'd love to make this a mini server effort but I also realize that it probably won't be. If your one of those kind hearted individuals who want to make this happen then please, spread the love and keep in touch.

If this works I would definitely want to give some love back to the community in some way..
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
If say, everyone cooperates to a reasonable degree, I'll host a cross faction Best Mog competition with first prize looking to inherit say 10k gold.
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19 Troll Druid
Well.. in case this is still being read, I have all the enchants thanks to my good guildie buddy Feroxx

But really any help you give me is appreciated
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10 Tauren Druid
if you want to be good dont worry about the fishing pole.
Work on getting BiS first.
AGM, bandit cape, smelting pants.
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