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90 Draenei Shaman
I will be working on this consistently until I've completed it & I would love to have some company to make it go by a little faster.

Once I leave the Ravendholdt grind area today (to be revisited later with a rogue for that massive pile of junkboxes needed to get from honored to exalted) I'll be moving on toward Booty Bay & Gadgetzan for the Bloodsail rep portion (to include the Bloodsail Admiral title that I have no interest in, but will end up with as part of the trek).

Yes, it is easy, but mind-numbingly boring to do alone. Alas I have vent, coffee and plenty of delirium to take the edge off if you'd like to join me. Bring your grampa, your cousin Skeeter or just yourself. The more the merrier.
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90 Troll Priest
Bloodsail sucks !@# unless you do the quest to make the dudes in the area 35ish, in which case it takes FOR-EV-ER. I would think about joining you but we're mortal enemies and all being opposite factions and all.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Thanks for the "if we werent enemies" offer. Very sweet :) It's more than any Alliance has offered thus far.

I didn't realize this before I started but alone, I can't cream even one non-elites corn. I've been using poor Grizzlowe, Sprogger, Shakey and Smotts to get some measly reps before being stomped into the pier.

Oh well, back to being murdered in my wedding dress! :D
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100 Night Elf Druid
What portion of the grind do you need backup for? Killing the guards in Booty Bay?
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90 Draenei Shaman
I've received a lot of questions in-game so here is the long & short of it.

Our goal: "Insane in the Membrane" http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/blog/939446

Schedule: I've decided to create an ongoing group via Calendar Event to keep a simple roster of active grinders.

  • We will invite everyone who has an interest in any portion of the grind.
  • Your name will stay on the roster each week (updated every Monday) until you ask to be removed.
  • We will update the list each week as people become interested or wish to be removed due to completion (or total disgust in the time it takes to complete this task).
  • You can click your in-game Calendar button to check the roster or add others, at any time
  • When in a major city or entering your grind location type /join TheInsane
    this will make communication with other title grinders easier when you set out on your murderous rampages.

If you'd like to be on the list, please whisper or email me in-game.
Everyone on the list will have moderator status which will enable you to add anyone you'd like.

  • Bloodsail Buccaneers (Honored)
    This process will also lead you to the <Bloodsail Admiral> title achievement if you decide you'd like to complete the quest "Avast Ye, Admiral" http://www.wowhead.com/quest=4621.
  • Everlook (Exalted)
  • Ratchet (Exalted)
  • Ravenholdt (Exalted)
  • Booty Bay (Exalted)
  • Gadgetzan (Exalted)
  • Darkmoon Faire (Exalted)

<the Insane> title
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90 Troll Priest
Something that none of your guides seem to note, because they all seem out of date, is the quest Return to Revilgaz.


That quest will make all the Bloodsail Bruisers level 35 which makes them easier to kill. It takes a while to farm the rep because it's lowered and you generally are forced to wait on respawns, but it's the safest way to get your Bloodsail rep up.

Basically you do the quest chain until you get that quest, go hostile with Booty Bay and kill everything in the area. The goblin on the boat, the AH guys, and the goblin on the dock give the most rep out of all. The route I used was get on the boat above the AH and kill the goblin, kill the bruisers on the roof next to you, kill the AH guys, kill the tauren and all the guys around him, and walk to the end of the dock killing bruisers along the way. By that point everything around the boat should have respawned.
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85 Human Priest
I would love to be a part of this but it looks like we have opposite reps to grind. I'm done with bloodsail and steamwheedle and need ravenholdt. I just did this recently if you want some tips.
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90 Draenei Shaman
@Penicillin - Yep sure, anything you can share that would make it easier would be great. I actually did my Ravenholdt rep (to honored) first or I'd be happy to come along with you. I'll put you on the list if you like - there may be some others who are at the same stage. I know my GM is still doing his. And I think the junkboxes are still on all of our lists. Bleh.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Hello complicated nightmare. After 3 hours on a character who was not hated by Booty Bay I can report the following process unlocks the "Phase" in which Booty Bay Guards are all lvl 35.

I didn't want to just get myself into the phase and not explain how it was accomplished because surely there are others who would be more willing to do it if they had an easy to follow road map. Anyway - here it is! If I've forgotten something please feel free to chime in.

If you are hostile with Booty Bay and cannot begin Smotts' quest line, find the Bloodsail Traitor on a small hill NE of the Booty Bay tunnel entrance. Turn ins of (40) Silk Cloth & (4) Red Dye will net you rep until you reach Neutral and can obtain "A Dish Best Served Huge" from Smotts.

Captain Hecklebury Smotts (Location http://www.wowhead.com/npc=2500)
  • A Dish Best Served Huge
  • A Giant's Feast
  • Mok'rash the Cleaver
  • The Captain's Chest
  • -When you've turned in this final quest run over to First Mate Crazz (near the Auctioneer).

Start the quest chain "The Bloodsail Buccaneers"
  • The Bloodsail Buccaneers (http://www.wowhead.com/quest=26609)
  • Bloodsail Treachery
  • The Baron Must Be Told
  • Details of the Attack
  • Getting In With the Bloodsail
  • Seeing Where Your Loyalties Lie
  • Your First Day as a Pirate
  • Swabbing Duty (Pay "Pretty Boy Duncan 1g to finish this quickly)
  • Attracting Attention
    (I could not pick this up until I'd completed a quest to retrieve 5 crates of limes)
  • Our Mortal Enemies
  • Ol' Blasty
  • Drive-By Piracy
  • The Damsels Luck
  • Fly to the easternmost boat, go below deck to turn in "Damsels Luck" and start Captain Stillwater's Chart quest line.

    If at some point you log off and back on during the above quest chain and the pirates are hostile toward you, just fly south into the fatigue area until the pirate hat buff falls off then fly back toward the boats, the buff will be reapplied and the pirates names will be green again.

    The following 3 quests can be completed simultaneously as you need to speak with 3 different NPC's, destroy an item nearby each of the named NPC's and also speak with/kill 9 Bloodsail Corsair's that wander the bottom floor of the ships.

  • The Brashtide Crew
    -Long John Copper; below the main deck on The Damsel's Luck (Easternmost Boat)
    -Enormous Shawn Stooker; bottom of the ship The Crimson Veil (Middle Boat)
    -Wailing Mary Smitts; near the 'Gun vendor' on the middle floor of The Riptide (West Boat)
  • Sinking From Within
    -The Damsel's Luck, Destroy Grog Barrel near Long John Cooper
    -The Crimson Veil, Destroy Gunpowder Barrel near Enormous Sean Stooker
    -The Riptide, Destroy Cannonball Crate on the floor below Wailing Mary Smitts
  • Making Mutiny
  • Call of Booty
    -Auto Accept quest that pops up upon completion of the above 3 quests, sends you back to Baron Revilgaz in Booty Bay.
  • Doublerum
    - Go in the door behind Baron Revilgaz, go down 3 flights of stairs, turn right & click on the Rum Barrel.
    -The game world will start to shake & sounds of fighting will begin.
  • Return to Revilgaz
    -Accept the quest presented by the Rum Barrel, go back upstairs & turn it in to Baron Rivelgaz.

Now set your reputation with Booty Bay to "At War" and begin the slaughter.
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90 Draenei Shaman
I have since given up. A random 85 elite guard spawns every time I land somewhere in Booty Bay & he kicks my butt. Blizzard had no solution. I think the old way of doing it in a group would be easier. /sadface
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90 Troll Priest
Do you have the Bloodsail Rep all done? If not you could always go to Arathi Highlands and farm the guys in the Blackwater Cove or w/e it's called. After that you can just do cloth hand ins for the different Goblin reps, because you don't have to keep your Honored standing to get the achievement.
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