Hey friends,

It's Chnife here and I have recently returned to the arena part of WOW. Now obviously blizzard has implemented trinkets like cunning, bone-link, and vial into their game. And I feel that nowadays to compete at a high level of arena you either need the FASHION OF THE YEAR (RLS), or 416 weapons / PvE Trinkets.

So I have jumped on that thought and decided that its pointless to play this game as a hunter without some sort of PvE gear involved. RECENTLY, I have teamed up with players that have PVE gear, BRILLIANT I know! I myself have even gotten some DS gems which can somewhat be considered a PvE item if you take into account the many variables and what not...

There's still one more little detail missing. When I play against casters with HEROIC CUNNING x2, and me and my friend here don't have a vial, there are some problems. So that is why I have made this post today. I'm paying 50k gold (this is a base price and negotiable) for a guild to run me through DS and get me a vial. IF it does not drop I will not be paying that amount, sorry! =)

Contact me in game or here and lets get it boys!

Thanks friends.