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Hey guys! The Sundering - Drak'Thul is currently recruiting for the last leg of Dragon Soul and for the upcoming MoP expansion! We are a casual but aiming towards Hardcore raiding guild.
We firmly believe that it IS possible to make good raid progression in a mature and calm environment.

One thing that The Sundering remains proud about is that we are NOT elitists. We have no problem taking someone that is halfway geared up, under experienced, etc... and letting them trial with Team 2, or a soon to be formed team 3. In this way, they have the opportunity to be in a raid, and start to learn how to raid correctly and efficiently. We don't want to tell someone no, and then miss out on what could have been an awesome raider just because they haven't learned everything yet.

There are currently TWO ten man teams raiding within The Sundering. One is 8/8 Normal DS, and the other is 5/8 HM DS. All roles are currently open for trial status within the guild.

Here's some information for you about us!
The guild was formed at the beginning of WotLK but didn't start hardcore raiding until patch 3.3.0 which was Ice Crown Citadel for all you Cataclysm people.

The guild managed to get the following progression over the past few years
11/12 25M ICC pre Cata patch
5/6 HM BWD
2/4 HM BoT
1/2 HM TotFW
6/7 HM FL

As you can see, the guild has a slight track record of getting to the end and not finishing it up. Well I can personally tell you that this is no longer a thing. We WILL finish off DS 8/8 HM before MoP. We will finish all HM MoP raids while they're current content.

Not too long ago the guild hit a speed bump when SWTOR came out and we lost many HM raiders, which caused the guild to have progression issues. About a month ago recruitment picked up and we're back on track.
Now we want YOU to be apart of our continued rise back to one of the best guilds on Drak'Thul!

Our raiding atmosphere is focused, but also fun and professional at the same time. We take pride in our continued pursuit of excellence in the Drak'Thul raiding scene.

We do however have our standards, they are as follows -

1. Accountability - We are looking for team players who admit their faults, and fix them.

2. Experience - We want to know you have the stamina for progression, and min/max to achieve goals

3. Dedication - we are looking for 90+ percent attendance raiders looking for a new long-term home

4. Situational Awareness - can you do your job without standing in the < insert flame, slime, etc here >, repeated "DERPS" build resentment

5. Reliability - good gaming system, good internet connection, etc

6. Teamwork - We commit to each person that we will build a team that they will be proud to raid with, and feel assured they are all giving 110% to reach our goals..

Since you give us these things, we want to give you a little something back!

1. A Mature Raiding Scene - All raiders in our progression team are 18+. There isn't any yelling, accusing, etc.. Just professional and mature raiding.

2. Experience - All progression raiders have great experience with previous tiers and are well versed in the raiding atmosphere.

3. Loot - We use a NON CORRUPTED loot council system. All dropped items and gear will ALWAYS be heavily judged on who it goes to on what basis.

4. Open Door Policy - You do NOT have to follow a command tree. If you want to go straight to the GM with the problem you have, feel free to do so.

5. Raiding Supplies - Flasks, food, and repairs will be issued to all raiders in good standing free of charge. Although we DO encourage raiders to bring flasks and food for any rare or odd occurrences.

The Sundering's current raiding schedule is as follows-
Team 1 - Progression team
Tuesday 9:30PM - 12:30AM
Wednesday 9:30PM - 12:30AM

Team 2 - New Team
Thursday 9:30PM - 12:30PM
Friday 9:30PM - 12:30PM

If you are interested at all, message me in game, or any of these officers.
Koadi, (Alts- Castigation, Virstania, Brunivethr)
Magicmonarch, (Alts- Elexa)
Daxul (Alts- Daxus, Zendax)
Mukat (Alts- Oomkat, Nukat, Noobsnack)
Dragoncloude (Alts- Whisper, Udderbutter, HolyCrit)

If you wish to apply directly and skip all chatter, apply at
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