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  • A playhouse where NPCs would reenact historic WoW moments and and scenes from various cinematics and things of that nature
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  • An Arcade area (preferably run by Goblins) where players could play Mini games, and by mini games i mean single man dungeons and instances where you can play a max level toon, and these games could be spoofs on other popular games, for example Rogues Creed or God of Warriors.
  • Mini in-game MMO's. I'd love to play a murlock, but if murlocks were playable the game would lose one of it's best little baddies. But what if there were a little place, a hybrid of an instance and a battleground (a batstance) where you could lvl up a minor character? This would give the older, more established players something new, and if you made the lvling experience (up to level 5 or 10, lets say) akin to that of vanilla you could kind of have your cake and eat it to. Keep the new system but let players experience the old one as well. And it wouldn't have to be as gear oriented as the rest of WoW, maybe just a weapon.
  • A superhero. Maybe not in the superman sense of the word, but just like Deathwing would sometimes appear out of nowhere and scorch you, maybe have an Alliance or Horde hero show up and help you out when you're in a bind. And the chances of you getting saved are directly proportional to your level, so higher levels have less chance of a rescue than lower levels.
  • WoW College, a place to go and train, where NPCs can teach you about your class and rotation, and even run you through a practice dungeon with a group of NPCs to kind of show you the ropes and stuff. Fill the college with reading material so you don't have to exit the game every time you need a tidbit of info.
  • More of a mobile presense. Ok so when i first came up with this i was actually thinking of maybe little side scrolling rpgs featuring WoW characters and during different periods in Warcraft history, maybe not a great idea and not really WoW's style, but i see no reason in the world why the Warcraft games can't be made mobile. Either way, more mobile WoW goodness should be made available.
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    Some good ideas! You should post this in a general forum or somewhere else though.
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    yeah, i posted it in the general forum and it was half way down the page in two seconds, and not a whole lot of feedback unfortunately.
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