Yes its true! I finally got my HDS mount for 100k here on mannoroth! After all the going rate is what 200k? God I love being right! ONTO the thanks!

Id like to thank the guild Terrible Terrible Damage, for without them none of this happens, id like to thank the bigger guilds for never waving on your competitive pricing, and the people who spent so much time QQing about me QQing :) without all of you this great deal could never happen!

If other guilds didn't over price mounts i would have nothing to complain about and nothing to compare the TOTAL AWESOME GUILD of Terrible Terrible Damage too! But luckily you can go read posts on how 200k is competitive compared to 100k.... PRICE MATCH! lol

The run was a one shot straight through was fast and efficient. I was required to do nothing but die (which i didn't but could have) They were all super friendly and were all happy to make 100k!

Imma make a post about how sales work so some of you guilds can learn how to haggle and not jump down the throat of someone asking for a deal... Then again i have no issues letting good guilds like Terrible Terrible Damage make gold while the rest of you idle until MOP!

and other big guilds who competitively price things on unknown markets while confirming drop rates even BLIZZARD hasn't confirmed yet for content that is not even out to the public!
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