ICC25 and Uld25 speed clears

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I will be setting up speed clears of ICC25 heroic and Ulduar 25 man on Friday nights at 6pm server each week. In these runs we will be chain pulling the entire instance as quickly as possible. For Ulduar we will do hard modes on some bosses that will not slow down the run and attempt Yogg +0 a few times depending on how long the run has taken. For ICC25 we will NOT be doing achievements if it has anything to do with making the fights take longer than they have to take. We will do a few attempts on Heroic Lich King. Vent will NOT be used.

For Ulduar, fragments are going to be reserved.

For ICC25, shards will be reserved and bloods/infusions will go to a designated player before the raid starts. If you wish to get infusions or bloods you have to tell me before the raid and if nobody else needs it they will be yours. If you fail at doing the plague infusion because you cannot control the abom correctly, tough luck for you and you won't do it.

Loot will be on Need before Greed so just need on anything that you would want and greed/disenchant/pass on items you do not want. Because of this loot system, if you roll on a fragment/shard/blood and it was not reserved for you, you are going to be kicked out of the raid on the spot and will not be invited again.

If you are interested in going leave a response here or through in game mail to Goje.

I will end up putting this on Openraid.us if there is not enough interest from this server and I will not give people on Perenolde priority if they do say they want to go right before the run starts.
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I'm Barfus.. and i support this message.
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