-Welcoming players of all styles and levels-

Suspect was revived June 18th and is now at 147 members

Looking for more raiders Tanks, Heals, Mdps and Rdps.

We are 8/8 Dragon Soul with our core raid team (Rdps,Mage heavy team) and wanting to build more teams to get all of our members Destroyers End, and start heroic progression.

We pvp together and would like to start building an RBG team.

We have quite a few memebers who are pure pvp players for arenas and battlegrounds, they would like to start building a rated team.

We are a very helpful guild for newer players.
Always someone available to answer questions.

We help supply BoEs for our newer 85s and have the patience to work with members who want to raid.

We will help supply Gems/Enchants/Glyphs if the mats are readily available.

Contact in game - Lildante, Draugen, Armageddon, Shammio, or Haladen if interested or for any questions you may have.

Good luck!

*Elitist attitudes will not be tolerated, If you believe you carry in anyway then you dont need a guild and will not be in ours.
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