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85 Draenei Shaman
I am looking to reroll on this server and was wondering what the Horde:Alliance population looks like as well as needed classes at endgame.
Ex: Not many tanks, casters are rare etc

I understand this will be a lot of "in my opinion," or "from what I can tell," but I am still curious.
Thanks for any responses.
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90 Tauren Death Knight
Classes, probably healers. Tanks usually stick around and unlikely a guild will bring in a new tank. DPS is usually in grand supply, but those that I see that people look for are S.Priests and Locks.

Kilrogg is pretty dull right meow, before D3 came out making a pug DS was fast and easy, now since it is endgame and late in 4.x people aren't playing that much. Not entirely sure on distribution of H:A, as it fluctuates during the day.
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85 Draenei Shaman
Thanks for your response. Strange how locks are low game-wide, but good to know. I have seen an incredible lull in traffic on my servers as well. One of my old guilds actually disbanded from a large number of ended subs.

Anyway thanks again for your input. If anyone else has anything to add it would be appreciated.
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100 Draenei Hunter
07/21/2012 03:22 PMPosted by Deffknight
Kilrogg is pretty dull right meow

i see what you did there
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100 Tauren Warrior
Before the D3 hit, I ran a daily census for about a month and the H to A balance was fairly even ... couldn't say now but I do know that the populations are slowly (emphasized a lot) rebuilding as D3 got boring fast :)

Just last week we had three days in a row of Horde RAIDing Alliance capitols and vice versa ... so not entirely dead ... two other PvP servers I have toons on haven't seen that much WPvP action in years /sad.
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85 Human Paladin
Its pretty even
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