Uldum's Best PvP'ers?

85 Tauren Shaman
I'm curious to know who the Uldum Community thinks are the best PvP'ers still playing on Uldum?

Horde and Alliance....
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85 Human Priest
People pvp on Uldum? People still play on Uldum?
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100 Troll Priest
Can you really even compare PVP now days?
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90 Night Elf Hunter
07/26/2012 10:29 PMPosted by Krickett
Can you really even compare PVP now days?

Hi Krickett!
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90 Human Paladin
I love to throw down in TB but I don't remember many names. As a matter of fact, I have had tons of great 2's partners and I can't even remember THEIR names... I'm not a names guy :(

I do remember one paladin by the name of Ubakoff who can throw down hardcore even with bad gear. I really love seeing pvper's who don't have all Cata schooling people on how to play their class effectively in pvp - those are the people I respect the most.
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85 Undead Warrior
me. im the best pvper, in the game, ever. trust me bro.
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70 Night Elf Death Knight
On my rouge My team has a 1.2k rating with a holy pally and me But I think THe best is the Priest Arena master oliz. He hangs out in org and charges you to get carried to about 2k rating
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85 Undead Priest
for old timers -

the only pvpers i remember on uldum when i used to play here were mythicos, rhowen, alexlol, and ironsilo (plus myself trumpcards)

they all xferred out and quit for various reasons except alexlol who's strictly raiding
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Yeah too bad we don't have good pvpers on uldum... who carried myth and rhowen alex and iron in arena again? >.<
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90 Human Warlock
Speaking strictly for alliance here.

I've reached 2k+ (2s) and 1900 (3s) this season with the Druid named Ruffalene [who has now transferred to KT looking to go past 1800 in 3s but is now rolling an alt Druid here on uldum]

There is also a t2 mw monk : babybrucelee with 1872+ exp this season as well

2 ret pallys by the name of ultimatetank and vantage who are both 1800exp in 3s this season

A resto Druid named pendenja who is also pretty good, 1750ish skill

Resto shaman named arkzavius with 1900 exp this season

Mage named amorus with 1750+ exp this season

Dk named deathberg and feral named wildspirit with 1900 exp this season in 3s

Can't really think of any other players at the moment since uldum is so inactive and Pve oriented

All the players above are credited with "high" rating (for this server at least) this season and are the best you will find at the moment
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90 Draenei Death Knight
falais is a pretty good frost DK everyone iv seen him duel/pvp he wins
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Can you really even compare PVP now days?

No you cant miss K. It's why I stopped playing. ( This character was the once Orog on Uldum)
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100 Human Death Knight
I destroy him and he rages even tho we are friends
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100 Human Rogue
Lololololo falais grtd ownd by those baddies inushan skullmaker frostyswag draklin
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100 Human Rogue
Bro inushan stick to paladin warrior is too skilled for you
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
I used to play on that server in the guild Average Joes. I reached 2200 in season 9 with Brbfacebook and Qlue, and 2100 in 2s with Brbfacebook back in season 9. Qlue and Desther (hunter) were also 2200 in 2s.
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Katalogz - 2400+ rated dk on uldum. no longer there
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Ran to glad once he transfered over to KT to play with van
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100 Night Elf Druid
Delicate/Holywound (Alliance), 2200 Holy Paladin since January 20th of this year. I didn't know people on Uldum actually cared enough about PvP to buy carries.
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100 Night Elf Rogue
I am by far the best...
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