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Have 7 85's looking for a guild.......i have raided in BC and WoTLK and only LFR'ed it in Cata. Would like to get back into some serious/casual raiding. Available almost anytime of the week....7pm/8pm server time is a good start time for me.
Currently have on horde side....Hunter, Pally, Warlock, Druid, Warrior, DK and Mage...also have a level 85 shadowpriest (bankalt).
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<Talented> is a 10 man progression raiding guild, founded during Wrath. Since its inception, we have become more of a family here; our members becoming real life friends for the most part. We are fun, enjoy wild conversations in vent at times, but are still serious when it comes to raiding. We progressed through 4/8 Heroics in Dragon Soul and decided as a guild that we had reached a comfortable level of progression, and that we could take a break before the release of Mists of Pandaria.

We are looking for some new members 85+ to join our ranks and become fulltime raiders. Our approach to raiding is serious yet casual, we raid Tues, Wed, Thurs 8pm - 11pm EST. Raid signups are provided via the in game calendar. Using a loot council system we gear the raid and not the individual, keeping the raid around the same level. We use a loot tracking system to remember who got what last, to ensure that loot is divided fairly. We aren't here for the server first, we like raiding with good people, killing new bosses, and enjoying the rewards.

We are an adult guild and require that you be at least 17 to join, in the past this has not always been a hard rule, however we have had unsavory results and as such must make this an absolute requirement. Most if not all of our current members play for the interaction and fun with people we enjoy spending our time with; the achievments and loot are just the bonuses.

Recruitment for a 10 man guild is somewhat of a double edged sword, too many and we will have members sitting out, and too few will mean any absence will result in unfilled raids. As such we hope to strike a balance, the following is our current fulltime recruitment needs:

Tank = 1 - Feral Druid, Warrior, or Death Knight

Ranged DPS = 2 -Warlocks, Hunters, Mages, Boomkins, or Shadow Priests

Healer = 1 - Priest, Paladin, or Shaman *No druids please*

Melee DPS = *Closed*

If you can make our schedule and like to raid but not be just another number, check us out and apply at www.talentedguild.enjin.com
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Don't like to read? Me either.

Check out our new Guild Recruitment Video: Anguish of Uldaman Recruitment 2.0 - Horde: http://youtu.be/6MBOzikUB94

Or check out www.anguish-uldaman.com.

Look forward to hearing from you!
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