Congrats and farewell

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Amorphous treat your new tank well. He may have a lot of bad jokes but hes one hell of a player. Next xpac I wanna see you guys reach top 100!!
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Thanks Theroz,

I'll be honest, when he whispered me expressing interest in joining our team I was a little surprised. Granted, he's been on my RealID a long time, back since the days when he had his rogue in our guild and occasionally did Firelands with us, but with how great a guild DTK is, I just never expected to see him involved with Amorphous again for any reason.

That said, we're very grateful to have him. He apparently already knows a few of our players and during his tryout for the tanking spot he got into a number-crunching discussion with Volios, which is always a good sign that he'll fit in well (Volios loves talking about mechanics/numbers/theory - so much so that we sometimes have to put an effort into stopping him lest we talk for an hour before pulling a boss). He also seemed comfortable watching timers , calling things out, and adjusting strategies over Vent on the fly - which are all qualities we look for in team members.

As for top 100... It'd be cool if we got into the top 100 US, but I'm doubtful we'd ever get into the top 100 World with our limited 3 night a week playtime. There's just too many super hardcore guilds that raid like 40+ hours a week during progression. Our goal has always been to improve each tier and do the best we can with the team we have and the time we spend in the game - and thus far we've been lucky enough to be able to do that.
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Yeah that is pretty cool but Subway closes at 3am.
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