[A] Divine Brilliance is Recruiting

OMG! Divine Brilliance wants you for the Alliance Infantry!

We're a sorta-social, sorta-raiding, sorta nice friendly buncha folks to be around. We're not realm first, but we kill bosses. We're not all geared out in heroics, but we make sure that people who work for it get their items. Drama is inescapable, but we do a decent job of avoiding the worst of it. In short (and no, that's not a Gnome reference), we're just here to have some fun and play a game.

We're currently running 2 raid groups per week, and while we generally manage to fill out every slot each week, there's some wiggle room for new players to come join us in any role, especially healers and range dps. So come have some fun with us!

Q. I'm not level 85 yet, is that okay?
A. Of course! This may surprise you, but I was once wee little lvl 1 sitting in the Ironforge orphanage. Our core players generally have toons at various stages of levelling (some have multiple accounts, as well) so finding someone to level up with you isn't a problem.

Q. I just reached lvl85 and my gear is mostly greens and heirlooms, is that okay?
A. Of course! A few roflstomps through Cata Heroics and you'll have a shining purple set of 378s and maybe a 397 or two. There's never a better time to gear up than right here at the end of an expansion.

Q. Can you help me learn my class?
A. Well, you're a mage, right? The best class in the world? Just keep hitting Arcane Blast. No? Well, someone in the guild will be able to help you out. Plus, we can all learn it together when MoP hits in a couple months!

Q. I like to swear a lot and generally belittle my team mates, can I get an officer title?
A. No, and don't expect to stay around for long. There's no room for egos. That's not to say that it's come to a /gkick often, most people respond to kindness and decency with the same. But if you're not one of those people, then please find somewhere you'll enjoy better. Gnomes can be dangerous when cornered by jerks.

Q. I need a piece of transmog from an old raid, can you help me run it?
A. With pleasure! We like to run old instances and raids and even hold a weekly ICC25 run on Sundays!

Q. What are you doing in ICC25?
A. One word: Legendaries. Well, three words: Legendaries and Achievements. Well, five words: Legendaries, and Achievements, and Titles. And a fanatical dedication to the Lich King.

Q. Do you ever PvP?
A. Not as much as we'd like, to be honest. We have a few PvP enthusiasts and run BGs from time to time, but if you're eager to get an RBG or Arena team going, you'll find volunteers to help you out with that!

Q. What about access to the guild bank?
A. Newbies have access to low-level tabs, after you've been here awhile you'll get access to a few more, if you raid with us regularly you'll have access to nearly everything. High-level epics, volatiles, gems, and a few other things are only accessible by officers. The good news is that an officer is on during most hours. Depending on the type of mat you're looking for (and how often you contribute), it may be free, traded for similar mats in kind, or offered at a discount from the AH going rate.

Q. Do you RP?
A. Not formally. Some members are a bit more goofy than others, and certain special events naturally turn into RP play, but like the rest of our activities, the practice of RP is taken casually.

Q. How can I join?
A. Find anyone in our roster (Rank 4 or higher) who's online to send you a /ginvite, then introduce yourself to the GM when she's on. If you want to find me, the four toons I'm most likely to be on these days are: Saretha, Kroma, Galinaara, and Ahteras.
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66 Human Rogue
Greetings Saretha,

My wife (Lizet) and I are recently returned to Azeroth after almost a year away and looking for a kindly, friendly guild to call home. We are both mature gamers - in our mid-forties - and veterans of MMOs from Dark Age of Camelot up through the launch of WoW. We hope to find a guild whose members help each other - we're big believers in community - and a group of players which doesn't take the game too seriously; we just want to laugh and have fun (while we stomp on Goblins :p).

It sounds like we may be a good fit for Divine Brilliance so I'll go ahead look you up in-game for a chat :)
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