Do you have ASMR? AKA the tingles.

90 Orc Hunter
I have had strange sensations all my life from intimate, personal and NON SEXUAL encounters. It is a tingly, relaxing, and sometimes trance like feeling. I used to get it when I was in school and a teacher would come help me at my desk, one on one. Also, when I was a kid I would love it when my grandma would softly run her fingers across my back to help me fall asleep. I am grown now (26) and I find myself watching massage videos to get relaxed and fall asleep. Even a video of a profession shore shiner performing his craft ones put me out like alight. I always though I was bizarre, but it really is a things, and this thing is called ASMR. Here are links to a couple of articles about it.

Here are some common ASMR triggers:

Listen to specific people talk (usually soft-spoken, well-spoken voices or lispers).
Listen to the radio or podcasts when these people are talking.
Watch certain TV programs, or YouTube videos, like instructional ones, infomercials, adverts, historical or factual programs.
People talking in a foreign or indigenous language.
Get tickled lightly, especially on the back or shoulders.
When someone strokes or plays with your hair softly.
Having your hair washed and cut at a salon.
When you listen to certain soft or distant, and usually repetitive, sounds like a bouncing tennis ball, trickling water, or construction noises like tapping hammers.
Listen to certain types of music – perhaps ambient or industrial, for instance.
Watching someone draw a picture, paint, or build something, perhaps like a sculpture or even a card tower.
Watch someone write.
Someone drawing on your body.
People reading a newspaper over your shoulder.
People looking for something in their handbags.
Someone doing something very slowly and carefully.
People working at computers; perhaps the sound of keys being tapped or the click of a mouse.
Listening to someone chew gum.
Someone using sign language.
People whispering.
Listening to elderly people talk.
Listening to strangers talk, rather than family or friends and more well-known individuals in one’s life.
From reading various pieces of reading material.
Someone showing you how to do something.
Someone clipping their nails or using a nail file.

I am just curious if anyone else has this sensations, and if you do and didn't know what it was, well, you are not alone!
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90 Draenei Paladin
Scalp tingles? Seems there's a name and support group for everything nowadays.
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85 Dwarf Hunter
are there truely people who don't experience this?
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