Real guilds on TH

90 Tauren Warrior
I was doing some research for the future of <Lobster Brood> and after running some data and asking around I discovered this. Thought you should know:

<Fallen Empire> ---- is a Real guild
<Respect>---------- is Real guild
<The Lonely Island> --- this is a Real guild
<Moonstruck> --- possible not real
<Narrow Path> --- definitely Real guild
<Ripple Effect> --- NOT a real guild, fake guild but players may be real
<Explicit End> ---I think same guild as <Ripple Effect> and Im checking this further
<Lobster Brood> -- Obviously real guild and real players. Toons are not real.
<Dogsof War> --- this IS a real guild I know the guy who started it and it is real and he is real in RL
<Severed Legion> --unconfirmed
<The Exiled> --- a Real guild
<We PvE like we PvP> -- VERY real, like I see them everywhere so they are probably real on every metric except the toons which can't be real if you know what I mean
<The Horde Legion> --- they are a real guild with real players
<Affliction> -- True guild and toons and players. Were real nice about my study.
<The Cupcake Train> is NOT real guild (I know I was suprised too)
<Goat> Real.
<Nocturnus> Some real, some not, but guild is
<Never Back Down> probably real guild I only checked one player and he was real
<Macy's>-- Actually it is a shopping place. Not real guild.
<My Wife is Sleeping>--I dunno yet.
<Horde Lords>--- Not real guild.
<quiXotic>-- is real guild
<Lights Out> ----so far is real but they do not log on enough to be sure
<World Funeral>-Yah.
<The Short Bus Mafia> -- Real.
<The Alamo> ---Not real, faked guild based on the druid from TH and also a Fort in Texas.
<PrettyHateMachines> -- Real guild. But would not give me pics to confirm but I E-RP'd with a girl in there so I hope it was all real as they said.
<Chinese Make Out Gang> --- Real guild and they are not Chinese(duh right?).
<The Select Few> -- real.

*UNINVESTIGATED: <Imminent>, <TheBiLLBiLLFactory>, <PeekaChooPeekaMe>, <Thunderhorn>,<NothReal>, aaaand <ImAGoblin>. The 1st and 3rd one might be fake.

Did I miss any or are there more guilds on TH? Let me know. Also let me know which players you know are not real and how you know.

If I can get some help I will investigate Alliance guild sample to determine who is a real guild and who is not real but I am pretty busy right now so I did not.
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100 Human Death Knight
How do I know if this thread is real?
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90 Tauren Warrior
I conducted interviews, asked in /2[trade], looked it up on Wowwiki, um, googled names, also used yahoo some. Asked friends. Observed in WoW by like watching each player in AH and recording their guild name. Tracked the ones that were suspicious (I noted who didn't move or respond and was always in the same spot). There are LOTS of way to check things Judson. Just use all 5 of your common senses.
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100 Undead Death Knight
There are plenty of things to do in this world that don't require an internet connection. I'd suggest if you are extremely bored, go outside once in a while.
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92 Undead Warlock
Hell Im insulted my guild didnt even get mentioned. I mean I know there are not that many of us on right now but we do exsist. Probably mor so than some mentioned Hell you missed Udder Chaos Blood of the Exiled and alot more. Just Pull them all up on WoW heroes and look up all the horde guilds if theu got kills in Cata from DS they would be real. Not good but maybe real
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
07/28/2012 04:50 PMPosted by Warringtaun
(I noted who didn't move or respond and was always in the same spot
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90 Orc Death Knight
<The Lonely Island>

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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
Guess its better to be fake than not exist sorry there warring /pats.
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90 Tauren Druid
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This is bloiting dumb.
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86 Draenei Death Knight
wait wut
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90 Orc Shaman
shut up barri ...... loser
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90 Orc Death Knight
shut up barri ...... loser
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Just to let you all know that Twitch is not a real guild with real players who are real people. It is a botting service that Raids Thurs/Fri and Sundays to farm shards and gems to sell to PVPer's like Lacroix and her bunch.

Sym is not real either
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90 Orc Death Knight
Sym is real
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100 Human Death Knight
What if nothing is real?
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
We have to go deeper.

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90 Tauren Warrior

Ooooo, <Twitch>. I did not list this guild. I will check this. I will use Google. It might be a real guild (which does not mean all the players are real or that the people playing the characters are real but the guild could be real) but let me check ok? I am very busy but I will check this ok! :-)

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58 Goblin Priest
Perhaps a little deeper into the wayback machine ¬¬
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