90 Undead Hunter
07/30/2012 10:41 AMPosted by Merden
lol if you were killed twice you never escaped. :3

i escaped getting eliminated :)
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90 Night Elf Druid


Saggymaggy, not sure if mynamesucks's kill counted since you couldn't see the name or body.
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90 Human Death Knight
Im assuming he counted it, since he gave me credit for 2 kills so far.
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90 Goblin Rogue
Edited by Nëm on 7/31/2012 3:41 PM PDT
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90 Night Elf Druid

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90 Night Elf Druid

nice chat log
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wasnt even there when i died
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90 Goblin Rogue
qq moar !@#$%^
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grats to beavalicious for the kill on remain
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100 Human Paladin
Pretty sure most people don't get there own kills on the list. Nem may not kill people, but he gets the flags and the points.
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90 Goblin Rogue
if your gunna play a rogue, might as well use stealth to your advantage
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90 Undead Hunter

well deserved
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Sorry heroes, I was called away on other business. I hope to be around on a more consistent basis, and myself or a designee of the 'Council of Disorganized Mayhem' will be on shortly to pay debts owed.

Nem has been assassinated at the hands of a fellow lord assassin. That is news.

Ok, I see that a couple of issues have cropped up. Upon a review of Nem's assassination of Remains, I see no evidence of it, and as such, Remains remains.

**EDIT** I missed the "Corpse of Remains" in the lower right-hand corner. Remains is dead. This is not an exact science, and many are judgment calls. I look for things like that, and missed it on first review.

Additionally, though Mynamesucks evidence of a Saggymaggy kill would not likley hold up in a tribunal, it was already reflected on the list and was final.

Merden, I looked for some evidence of a request on your part to join the ranks of the Zombie assassins, but found none. But guess what, who cares? In an effort to bring this season to a speedier conclusion, all non-pure assassins are now zombies, free to kill those assassins who do not yet have a kill of their own. The same rules: flagging, posting, etc, still apply, of course. Your kill is rewarded Merden.

We still have 38 to kill. I would appreciate if anyone has information or tips on inactive players (haven't been on in two weeks, etc). Let's get folks killed or removed as expeditiously as possible. Thanks.

Larry 15
Jimmihendrix 11 (First Blood*) (1TCG)
Nem 5
Merden 4
Antisocial 2
Lyllyth/Agrrona 2
God 2
Remains 1
Taelo 1
Mynamesucks 1
Pitboss 1
Rustynail 1
Darachiel 1

Zombie Assassin Bounties
Thugmcgee 1
Vydia 1
Mynamesucks 2
Rustynail 1
Merden 1

1. Jimmihendrix/Lunchmeatt/Bubblenoob*
2. Notbush
3. Razial
4. Leerrooyy
5. Killfalcon
6. Scrubazz
7. Harrowmont*
8. Antisocial*
9. Detreus
10. Brutal
11. Akiyuki
12. Bamz
13. Crewmemba*
14. ------------
15. Pitboss
16. Gitsum
17. Turmed
18. Mcshady
19. Subaru
20. Brycen
21. Draxuss*

1. Takarita
2. Larry*
3. God
4. Patienstoon
5. Panyqueso*
6. Mhong
7. Killingspree
8. Ruination
9. Panthra
10. Clayface/Lightbuld
11. Bilious*
12. Mortigansayu
13. Blink
14. Celestine
15. Lyllyth/Agrrona
16. Pergatory
17. Doomz
18. Bsh

Freeziniztic (Nem)
Dumont (Larry)
Berician (Larry)
Floses (Larry)
Taelo (Nem)
Servilla (Larry)
Achilles (Larry)
Killfalcontwo (Larry)
Acidic (Larry)
Viladin (Rustynail)
Ninjroid (Larry)
Graht (Larry)
Mynamesucks (Larry)
Darachiel (Larry)
Enixa (Larry)
Sikbubblegum (Larry)
Unclescar (Larry)
Chrolde (Lyllyth)
Goldenfoxx (Agrrona)
Bollex (God)
Suddenlyy (Larry)
Merden (God)
Lily (Remains)
Deney (Nem)
Troopper (Nem)
Anticipate (Thug)
Lgreen (Vydia)
Scr a pe (Rustynails)

Misskrissy (Jimmi)
Chunkz (Antisocial)
Thedarkhorse (Taelo)
Quitestep (Mynamesucks)
Daredruid (Jimmi)
Rickfleir (Jimmi)
Hyperion (Jimmi)
Drid (Pitboss)
Ketamine (Jimmihendrix)
Rustynail (Jimmihendrix)
Poison (Merden)
Medcaid (Merden)
Cattywampus (Antisocial)
Aspext (Darachiel)
Seethris (Jimmi)
Vynalor (Merden)
Gutted (Jimmi)
Cad (Jimmihendrix)
Carmis (Mynamesucks)
Saggymaggy (Mynamesucks)
Pandora (Jimihendrix)
Nem (Jimmihendrix)
Victoria (Merden)
Remains (Nem)
Edited by Arar on 8/1/2012 5:04 PM PDT
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100 Human Paladin
9895 Lyllyth
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90 Blood Elf Priest
thanks for that very lavish trickery u used ....... but in the picture u posted where is the flag cuz im not seeing it.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I found flag so I guess u got me.
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1 Troll Shaman
Screenshot is kind of crazy...but the buffs have it there
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90 Night Elf Druid

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