The horde population problem.

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Everyday more and more players are faction changing to alliance with most of their reason being the alliance does more things in PvP such as RBGS. What these people fail to realize is that horde has a small amount of players compared to alliance which is why we lack in doing things like rbgs. I can speak for myself and my guild and say we do world PvP a lot but most players on the realm are more interested in getting high rating in rbgs or arenas. Anyways, the main reason I made this thread was to ask alliance players why they prefer alliance over horde and if they started in alliance at the beginning of cataclysm or they faction changed from horde mid expansion also what are the reasons they faction changed if they did. Lastly, I want to ask alliance players, would you ever think of faction changing? And if so what would it be that makes you faction change? This problem is only going to get worse unless players switch realms to come to misha (HIGHLY unlikely) or alliance players faction change to horde because the horde population is already very low which leads people to change to alliance which just makes it even worse.
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Its because blizzard are a bunch of idiots and gave the human race an imbalanced racial that allows for another damage trinket to be worn giving humans a massive damage advantage over any other race and there for are favored over any other race.
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^ that
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Because humans are the ultimate race.
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everyone makes a good point
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