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I have been playing wow and running guilds since early BC back then I had a few RL friends who played and we have been raiding and playing together ever since *I'm even engaged to one ;p*. We have been on a few different servers and started a couple guilds where we always find it easy to get a group 1 going but where we always find problems is getting people we can trust to run more than one group to help grow our guild.
Don't get me wrong I am not looking to have a guild with 8 groups or even a 25 man guild but now there are 7 of us who are RL friends and we are looking to get a raid leader for our group 2. We provide repairs consumables enchants BoE's crafting mats everything that a guild should give out and also access to vent and a guild website. My question is what is the best route to take to get a trustworthy officer/raid leader willing to do nothing more than help set up there own raid team?
The biggest problems i find are that people who are willing to do that generally want to start there own guild so you end up with a ton of little guilds that aren't very social where there are only a few people online unless it is raid time. What ever happened to vanilla/BC when guilds had hundreds of people in them and it wasn't uncommon to have 50 people online at a time if not more?
Now I have tried to take on this roll in other guilds and bring my 10 man group into another guild but all that ever happens is either poaching between groups or a power struggle with how our loot is to be divided and that we only have limited gbank powers.
Is this a situation where i just have to live with having a small guild just because i have a solid 10 man?

...I know this was more of a rant than a question but all comments are welcome and i appreciate all the helpful advice i hope to receive.
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I've dealt with this situation personally and from my experience it's rough.

Wanting your guild to grow is only natural. But you have to be aware of what others are thinking. You mentioned that your group tried merging with larger guilds only to have poaching and loot drama and that's something that someone coming into your guild could be afraid of. Also think about what you're asking from people. Raid leading isn't something to be taken lightly and a lot of people just don't want to deal with the headaches that come along with it.

What you could try is put a member from your personal team in charge of your second run and have them groom a sucessor.
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One thing i've done to build and find a RL for a new team.

I start the team myself. Run a geared alt with the team for up to a month. Then I promote from within...

Who is stepping up to imporove the raid team without being asked?

How do they treat the other members of the team?

Is a leadership position something they want or shy away from?

How involved will I need to reamin, after giving this person team lead?

Is there a potential assistant on the team also?

I just did this again with a new team a few weeks ago. We had 3 teams running DS, and 2 of them in Heroic DS. With the Expac aging and people buring out or wanting to do other things like PvP, our 2 Heroic teams have merged into one team, and the third team just fell apart. We ended up down to one team.

The Heroic Team is still working on progression through Heroics, and I've started a fresh normal mode team with several new players and members that haven't been able to run DS Normal yet. I didn't take long to recruit / fill the team roster either.

This may not work for you since i'm bringing several players that have not been on a raid team in the past, so I find myself training some of these players. However this teams Leadership is somone coming off of the Heroic team and running an Alt.

I'm also in need of another 3rd raid team since I have so many others interested in raiding and have no available spots.

The GL carries a lot more weight than any officer... Get Involved yourself, then step out after making those decisions when the team won't collapse without you being there every raid night, but don't abandon them entirely... pug with them every now and then also, reinforcing that this team matters to you too. They can/will respect your time constraints and other responsibilities.
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07/29/2012 02:50 AMPosted by Gratious
Now I have tried to take on this roll in other guilds and bring my 10 man group into another guild but all that ever happens is either poaching between groups or a power struggle with how our loot is to be divided and that we only have limited gbank powers.

It is natural for people to want to go with a group that has more, or does more of what they want. And likewise for people to want to get those other people like them as well. Most people 'poach' other people, I suspect you do too, just from other guilds. You may not intend it to be that way, but each time you bring in a new player that is in another guild, that is in effect what your doing. And you should do that, it gives people a chance to find a fit for themselves (if the person makes the moves for the right reasons).

My suggestion is to consider not viewing players moving around as poaching. Instead let every raid team know they need to be self sufficient and not keep hard feelings when someone changes raid team AND they need to do their own recruiting, including between teams. Expecting that not to happen is IMO an artificial wall to what really is going to happen anyway.
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More than one group of raiders within a guild will be very difficult unless you run it yourself or with one of your already long-term/highly trusted members. Your "back in the day guilds had 50 people online" thing worked because you wanted 40 of those people in your single raidgroup - mid-size guilds have decreased in popularity because of the shift to 10man. If anything, your best bet for building a bigger guild would be to shift to 25s.
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