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We will probably be needing this thread more than ever in MoP.....lets keep it alive folks.
Since I haven't seen Abeille around in a while, I'll post this in her honor (Her words, not mine. I take no credit):

Hey! The following is the officially unofficial member's list for this thread :P
This is just something for fun which started from the previous thread. I'll be updating it all on this one post instead of repeatedly posting.

You can choose to have almost any title and member number. Just stick to the following rules:
1) Keep 'em titles decent. If you want to be funny or serious it's your call; but let's not start off a war okay?
2) No take backs or changes! You post it down and I put it in the list then it stays there.
3) Only one title/number per Healer toon (exceptions must have valid reasons).
4) No overlaps! If it's on the list then choose something else.
5) Member numbers are a maximum of 8 digits only.

Okay here it is in numerical order:

Head-desk Healing Specialist Grishmak: #00000001
Risk Manager Pruflas: #00000003
Treasurer Abeille: #00000004
Morale Officer Oldwolfe: #00000007
Buffyria the PUG Slayer: #00000008
The Wise Nataleiya: #00000009
Life Grip Coordinator Koban: #00000010
Professional Altoholic Kneanderthal: #00000025
Lightwell Distributor Akaeya: #00000069
Mascot Zrod: #00000078
DPS Head Knocker Sylvanestra: #00000088
Masochistic Wipe Preventer Assann: #00000627
Professional Chain Heal Spammer Twiist: #00009216
"Rider In The Sky" Radiant Light - #01100101
Counselor Chainjoi: #08269519
Grant Support Oominous: #08675309
VP of Spamming One Button Eriatus: #11111111
90 Blood Elf Priest
Do I get a title?
90 Blood Elf Priest
07/30/2012 02:49 AMPosted by Winnifred
Do I get a title?

All you need to do is suggest what you want your title to be, and your number. Has to be 8 numbers long though.

I also wonder if alts can be added...
100 Draenei Shaman
07/30/2012 03:55 AMPosted by Buffyria
I also wonder if alts can be added...

We probably wouldn't notice and I don't see any rules against it, but I'd advise against it personaly since there's only a limited number of positions (may take the number someone wants, like mine may seem random but that string of numbers does have a meaning to me) and you may take titles someone else wants aswell.

I COULD make my priest #67723935 <name> Captain McAwesome, but someone may want those and my priest has been largly unused since the start of cata so he's not that important to me so i should leave it vacent for someone that may want it.

Also it's easier to judge how many people we have on the list without trying to factor in how many of them are alts and who they belong to (although we could just alter the list so it says something like "alt of <name>" to help identify them if we chose to go down that path).
85 Draenei Priest
Do I get to start off the stories?

I was on my baby warrior DPSing. Marudon, I think. Druid starts whining at our shaman healer for needing on and winning an intellect headpiece - the same one he'd needed on. Guy wasn't even a resto druid, he was the tank. And by whining, I mean flat out screaming at him, demanding that he give up the headpiece so he could have something 'for when he wanted to go heals' (not that I'd be particularly eager to have this guy as a healer).

The shaman says he needs it for healing, and the druid for some reason seems to believe that shamans use agility for healing. From the way his health kept taking violent plunges even though our patient shaman managed to keep him alive, I could tell that the tank wasn't too amazing at his own spec, let alone trying to tell the healer how to play his class.

So we continue on after I tell the druid to calm down and just pull, so he reluctantly goes off to do so. The next pack of mobs is pulled, and the druid's health just plummets - he's dead in less than three seconds.

The shaman has been jumping up and down nonstop ever since their back-and-forth ended. This is important.

I ran in and grabbed the mobs and we got them all down easily. Healer even comments that I'm easier to heal than the druid tank.

Tank: WTF?! You're supposed to heal!
Shaman: I was doing what you said and healing with agility.

We sat there for a good five minutes after the tank left group, people probably falling over their keyboards in laughter like I was.
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100 Gnome Priest
I was bored so I threw together a BH.

Hunter 1: Do I use a pet in raids?
Me: Yes, you use a pet


That hunter died twice to the debuff, standing out of range.

(I did explain the fight out of caution)

On a side note, a guild hunter was with us too and died to the debuff. But I don't mind since he's a guildie and completely new.

Having 3 hunter deaths just furthers the stereotype though.
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88 Troll Druid
I loaded into a Well of Eternity LFG that was already in progress, everyone had just rezzed and was resting up. First thing I see is the tank telling me that I better be a good healer unlike the last one. I was just thinking to myself, ok I have healed this instance at least 50 times wonder what the last healer did. So we get to where the first boss is sitting which I find out they wiped on five times. Tank pulls and I suddenly find out why they were wiping. The tanks health starts to play ping pong and in addition he managed to somehow forget righteous fury. So Lock and shaman go down in a blink of an eye. He finally turns fury on and has full aggro, now running below 90K mana is rare for me now a days in LFG, 40 seconds in I was at 10k.... Needless to say we wiped. Upon coming back I decided to look at this guy's spec and gear. Too my utter horror the idiot had a pvp prot spec, ungemmed and unenchanted pvp gear, and even a holy pally pair of pants...

90 Tauren Priest
07/30/2012 01:21 PMPosted by Kaelias
The tanks health starts to play ping pong and in addition he managed to somehow forget righteous fury.

Righteous Fury persists even through he never turned it on for the last healer. No wonder the healer left...

Aside from that...ouch. Just ouch.
100 Tauren Paladin
So several levels and weeks ago on this toon, my first pally healer, I decide to go lfd and get Slave Pens. Everything seems to be going well, the dk tank knows what they are doing which, trust me, from the level 58-70 bracket is an anomaly. Anyway we get to the boss at the stairs, Mennu. The dk tank pulls Mennu and the whole room at the bottom of the stairs. I reacted a little too late and dk dies, but I was able to keep dps up and we finish the room.

DK Tank: Sorry, my dad told me to pull the whole room.

Party chat blows up with "lol"s.

We finish the instance with no issues.

I couldn't help asking him how old he was, said he was 11. He then told us how his dad was laughing his butt off about him dying in the next room. Anyway, it's pretty sad that one of the better dk tanks I've ever had is not even in middle school yet.

Much better than the dk tank I had in another Slave pen run that said he didn't like using Death and Decay because it sucked. He only ever had one mob at a time, with the rest of the dps tanking their mobs. My heals going everywhere. We're about a third into the instance at this time miraculously no one has died. I told him maybe he should read a little more about dk tanking (politely i swear!) He told me to f off. I voted to kick him and it passed. We get another dk tank a second later which immediately pulls and uses dnd. We tell him we're glad he used it. he said he's normally dps, but the tank in his previous run didn't hold aggro at all so he switched to tanking. Ah the horror that is level 50 and 60 dk tanks!
100 Human Paladin
Gearing a druid healer which I levelled mainly as kitty so learning how to druid heal at the same time. My gear was borderline for Zuls but I got into a random ZG in progress. I knew it would be difficult but it was so much less pleasant than that.

For some reason they wanted to do the cat boss even though they had already killed 2 of the bosses. People were just ignoring mechanics - no-one was interrupting tears, people were standing in the waves and they weren't killing all the cat adds before the boss evolves so the damage was everywhere and massive. I hit over 13k hps (which was pushing it for my gear - still in some greens and mostly low level blues) and I still couldn't keep them alive. We wiped 4-5 times and then I said in party "cya guys. good luck" and left because I knew there was no way I'd be able to get them through it. They were ignoring my suggestions and people were leaving and new ones coming in so it's not like people were improving at the mechanics.

I went and did a totally uneventful and successful HHoO and then queued again. I end up back in ZG with the same group! This time they are at final boss (Jindo) and they have clearly been wiping for a while. I think "Oh no!" but decide to give it a try (they have a new tank). We get through first phase and then add phase. Tank picks up add and he fixates on me. I'm standing near one of the chains so all good so far. But then the add keeps hitting me and I go down pretty quickly.

I said in chat while dead "why was the add hitting me?" and one of the dps said he was supposed to hit you to get the chain. And I'm like, "no after that?" Everyone explodes at me after that, one dps in particular. He tells me I'm a fail healer, I can't even keep myself alive with one add hitting me. I said he was hitting me for over 5 seconds (i had recount going). That's a pretty long time (and also hard to get a decent heal off when something's hitting you). He then recognised me from before. Accuses me of wiping them before. Tells me I don't know the fight. I'm bad. etc etc. I just said "you guys are really funny" and zoned out of the instance after putting them on ignore. I left them to stew a bit and then left party.

Even though I know I didn't do anything wrong it's still really upseting to have so much ill will flung at you. I had to queue again (once deserter had worn off) and successfully heal a different instance just to restore my good humour.

Thank all the gods I now have the ilevel for HoTs.
90 Worgen Druid
Can I be Bringer of Little Green Numbers Feyatia? #53657804

I made a baby druid with a friend of mine and convinced him to also make a druid so he could be my tank and I could see what low lvl cata druid heals were like (I leveled Fey in Wrath)

We hit lvl 15 and get into our very first dungeon! Right before we qued he had expressed a teeny bit of nervousness at fresh tanking, and my exact words were "We should be fine unless we get a bunch of jerks for dps. Even then we will probably be ok though"

So of course I almost jinxed us. We zone in to the completely expected Ragefire Chasm, grab quests, and start off. We do the first run of trash just fine, and right near the end of it a green agi/stam chest drops. My buddy, this enhance sham, and a rogue all justifiably roll on it. However, when my buddy wins the piece the sham demands he get traded it.... after a few moments in which I assume he tried to trade just to placate the guy, it turned out he couldn't.

After the one last trash pull, barely a moment goes by and the sham quite deliberately pulls Oggleflint. I admit I flat out let him die...not a single heal his way. After getting two healers to 85, I am not going to put up with dps nonsense like that from lowbies, and for several reasons which I soon outline to this sham. At any rate, a third into the fight while I'm healing my bear buddy for dear life (no other boss in the whole dungeon hit him as hard as Oggleflint for some reason) this guy asks for a res! I assume he just isn't familiar with the levels certain spells are gained at and squeeze in a "no bres yet" while healing and res him after combat....then explain as politely as I can why he should not do what he did.

Me: Please don't pull, that's the tank's job.
Him: Sorry I'm used to playing a tanking toon.
Me: Just try to remember. These are low lvl dungeons so you will likely get people new to tanking or healing. Don't make their learning experience any worse than it has to be just because you are impatient.
Him: I'm not impatient. I just don't like waiting for people slower than me.

I just didn't keep it up after that...I mean isn't that the very definition of impatient?! If he pulled anything himself after that, he was healing himself too. I watched and only healed him if my friend pulled first. I had a bad day earlier so I was in b!*tch healer mode, I admit.

My buddy didn't get enough of one of the quest items from our first run, so the two of us ran again with fresh dps, and got what can only be described as a troll. A rogue of course...

From the get go he was running ahead and dragging more trash back to the group (again I went with a no-heal treatment, but he managed not to die) and yelling random obscenities before we got a little gem of a pull.

At the first cultist group after the run of elementals and worms, the rogue pulls both pats then jumps around in circles at 30% hp and not killing anything, and my buddy mops it all up and I nearly oom healing him, so this guy goes and pulls MORE and drags it back and my buddy mops it all up while I'm running on combat regen to heal him.

Clearly dissatisfied that he had not caused a single death, much less a wipe, the rogue jumps into the lava to kill himself, yells "FIST ME" one last time, and logs off. I initiate a votekick saying 'trolling @$$hole", it passes, we get a new dps, and carry on very smoothly.

I simply hate trolls or people who are just so self important that they don't care how much they hinder others. It is one thing to do it at higher levels when a good player can carry you and HOPEFULLY you know your roles by then, but as a lowbie there's a huge possibility of someone who is still on a learning curve. Give the seeds a chance to grow, ya know?!
90 Blood Elf Priest
Pugging normal DS 10 man. My co-healing priest is dog's breakfast gawdawful but I go about carrying her.
We get to spine and double check to make sure everyone is in vent to hear calls.
Priest co-healer flips out.
"You should have stated in trade that vent was required! You should just type out what I need to do! Normal mode spine is just to complicated!"
Then she dropped group and whispered our mage that we where all a bunch of sexist bullies for asking her to be in vent with us.

Director of Overhealing Winnifred #67723647
85 Night Elf Druid

Anyway, it's pretty sad that one of the better dk tanks I've ever had is not even in middle school yet.

I actually like this story a lot because of this quote. I feel that a lot of the "kid hate" in WoW is very much unjustified. It seems to me that the adults can be just as immature as the "kids."

Anyways, since I'm responding, I might as well tell a story.

I'm on Floryssa, my baby druid, running normal Throne of Tides. Keep in mind I hardly expect anything out of the level 80-81 dungeons, because I know that there are a lot of newbies and a lot of Wrath Gear. Not everyone could afford to by 270 gear like I did.

But right off the bat, I know there is an issue with the tank. Not only does he have a lot of Wrath Gear, he has a lot of BC gear was well. I think he went through Hyjal just to the point of being able to get into these dungeons, and then did just that.

Things progress slowly, but silently, until we get to Ulthok. I think that Lady Vashj'jar took around 7 minutes to get through, but I don't have any mana issues on Flo. So I just keep going.

We get to Ulthok.

Ulthok, I find, has some of the easiest mechanics in the game to tank. So all I say is "be sure to dodge his punch when he charges it up."

"k" is the response.

Almost instantly the tank dies from Ulthok's punchy-thing-whatever it's called.

I shadowmeld when the aggro goes to me, so I can survive and res everyone. I do so, and then explain the mechanics, basically, as fully as I can.

Same thing happens again, and again. Thank god for shadowmeld.

Basically I give up, and when he aggros again, I just switch to Tree Form and instantly tranquility. Our DPS were good enough to get Ulthok to 0% while I could keep up all of my heavy healing. He would survive the pool with just a sliver of health, and then die to the DoT that it produces. So I just had to heal right through that, spamming swiftmend and healing touch like there was no tomorrow.

We get through it.

Then comes Ghur'sha.

I have no idea how we didn't wipe.

Tank pulls it while two of our DPS are still in the hall, so it's just me, the tank, and a warrior that has to deal with him.

It takes probably around 15 minutes, but we actually down the boss.

I think we get through Ozumat okay, though.
90 Night Elf Druid
In Stonecore healing on my baby priest... just after the 2nd boss, the elemental shaman pulls a pack of random mobs with chain lightning while the tank ran ahead to get another pack. This was consistent with the other shenanigans the party was pulling the entire run... I ask in /p "Why pull?"

Shaman says "I'm the tank and I'll do what I want. You should be thankful because we're carrying you." The sad part is that the tank agreed with him. Knowing I was being trolled, I stopped healing, watched them die and then left group.
85 Blood Elf Paladin
To be fair, ulthok's punchy thing is kinda stupid. Yes it's avoidable, but it also hits as hard on normal as it does on heroic. The difference being on normal your tanks are still learning, still in half wrath gear, and have about 1/3 of the health they'll have at 85 just starting heroics. So yeah, ulthok sucks for lowbies. >.<
85 Goblin Shaman
To be fair, ulthok's punchy thing is kinda stupid. Yes it's avoidable, but it also hits as hard on normal as it does on heroic. The difference being on normal your tanks are still learning, still in half wrath gear, and have about 1/3 of the health they'll have at 85 just starting heroics. So yeah, ulthok sucks for lowbies. >.<

I won't lie when I recently went in on my DK who was hitting ToTT normal I misjudged his Dark Fissure and got one shot, that was a bit of a shock. Second attempt I made sure to go well clear of where I thought it was. He's actually a pretty annoying boss in general to tank due to his cast time on that as well as his squeeze, trying to get him moving out of the purple stuff is a pita.
100 Gnome Priest
I liked tanking Ulthok, back when I did tank. It was one of those fights that you could prove you were worth your salt: keep the room from filing up, don't get 1 shotted, let melee hit the bosses back without standing in crap, pop CD for his berserk.

Healing that fight was a pain, some tanks just kept him in place and spun around, or just got hit and died.
85 Undead Priest
Got kicked for the first time ever ;_;
It wasnt even my fault, zoned into ZA, at the beginning. First trash pull aggro was everywhere, the tank had decent gear as well Im not sure what was going on. it was everywhere up until the first boss, where we wiped because he couldnt hold aggro and no one was killing the birds. Tank drops after, get a new tank and things go fine, a few deaths but we get through each boss until we get to the second to last boss. We have a hunter a mage and a warlock, hunter CC's an add, warlock cant banish, and idk why mage couldnt sheep >.> but it was up to me to shackle. First time someone broke the shackle, so add comes raging in, I re-shackle 3 times but tank keeps breaking it, so we wipe. this continues on and we wipe quite a few times because I was going oom when the boss was at half health. so next thing I know I was kicked.
Kicker is it actually wasnt my fault. I was going out of mana because the boss wasnt dying quick enough. I think the highest dps we had was 8k followed by 3 dps at 6k. kind of made me doubt my healing abilities... but I know it wasnt my fault, maybe a more geared healer could have done it...

Also zoned into ZG. the rest of the group were all from the same guild. I was grabbing quests and everything, next thing I know Im being told to keep up >.> ok tank, dont let me get ready first. so I run off to heal them. grab cauldron and run down to the bridge mounted. everyone else DIDNT grab the couldron, and walked the whole way -_- lost someone, got brezzed standing in the green died again. Then I got blamed for it, said they were out of LOS, because I couldnt walk back through the green or id die. so they said I need to keep up. mhm Im standing where they SHOULD have been, ahead of them and I need to keep up.. mkay.
so we wipe on the green guys before first boss because again no one grabs cauldron and 3 got one shotted. we got through it eventually but by this time id given up on the group. we wiped, and I left.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
Just had a run that made me twitch a bit. It started with violet hold. the run was a smooth as ice so all of us in the group minus the priest that left re qued and go Old Kingdom.The group make-up was me healing, warrior tank rogue, dk and hunter for dps. Run was fine till just after the first boss when my latency spiked. we get to the the area where the ghost things like to cast the debuff that puts a cd on all spells if you cast with it on. Ended up losing the dk due to a mix of lag and the silence. Warrior didnt care to stop long enough to let me rez the dk and moved up to the first platform. Well with 2 of the ghost things there plus my lag I lost the tank but was able to save the rogue, hunter and myself. Right after he died warrior says"HEALER FULL MANA AND I DIED?!!!!!" i told him that i had a lag spike and his reply was "that's an excuse." plus I was at about 60% mana. The 2 dead get rezzed and we move on. There were no other deaths the whole run though he liked to chain pull out of my range and los. Oh and he said if I have lag I should quit.

Of course I just realized that I forgot to put him on ignore >->.
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