Things You Don't Want To Hear Healing PuGs 9

100 Blood Elf Paladin
Just had a run that made me twitch a bit. It started with violet hold. the run was a smooth as ice so all of us in the group minus the priest that left re qued and go Old Kingdom.The group make-up was me healing, warrior tank rogue, dk and hunter for dps. Run was fine till just after the first boss when my latency spiked. we get to the the area where the ghost things like to cast the debuff that puts a cd on all spells if you cast with it on. Ended up losing the dk due to a mix of lag and the silence. Warrior didnt care to stop long enough to let me rez the dk and moved up to the first platform. Well with 2 of the ghost things there plus my lag I lost the tank but was able to save the rogue, hunter and myself. Right after he died warrior says"HEALER FULL MANA AND I DIED?!!!!!" i told him that i had a lag spike and his reply was "that's an excuse." plus I was at about 60% mana. The 2 dead get rezzed and we move on. There were no other deaths the whole run though he liked to chain pull out of my range and los. Oh and he said if I have lag I should quit.

Of course I just realized that I forgot to put him on ignore >->.

So you had a vh run with him that went well and just because you had a few issues in the next instance,he freaks out? Geez that guy forgot the vh run pretty quick didn't he?

I mostly tank and I have to say, when I dps, the problem seems to be more often the tank than the healer so kudos to all the healers out there.

Didn't had too many bad experiences on my healing toons yet, had a balance druid who would melee mobs instead of casting spells but that wasn't making the run painful.
90 Draenei Priest
Phased into an in-progress Deadmines. The warrior tank is getting eaten ALIVE, missing 8 glyphs, bunch of gems, no reforging, mess of greens and normal blues. It's so bad I have to completely abandon doing any smite healing and have to switch gears like I'm pvp healing with someone with next to no resil, with flash heal set on a hair trigger and keeping shield up the second weaken soul rolls off.

"Must have sent the other healer screaming into the blue huh tank?" I say between pulls.

"Nah" says the DK who is from the same server.

"Crazy squishy" I reply. No one says anything. In addition to the tank, the other melee are taking massive chunks of damage randomly as the instance wears on.

We get through reaper and the bomb boss, but halfway up the boat I just leave. I dislike DM anyway and I wasn't up to taping my eyelids open so I don't blink and lose the tank that day.
100 Gnome Priest
We once had an odd druid in an LFR.

This guy was a healer, with an odd resto spec, but not really a big deal.

During bosses he'd periodically go into bear form and melee the boss, then go to caster form to cast wrath and possibly put up dots (didn't look). Occasionally I'd see him in cat form meleeing some more. I mess around every now and then on my druid, but this didn't seem like he was just goofing off.

On top of this odd play style, he would somewhat role play in raid chat. No one really cared to play along, but he kept going. Eventually a few guildies told him to shut up, this key stayed in character with rebuttals and all.

Eventually the entire raid got sick of his role play spam and being pretty much useless (doing like 5% of overall healing, nearly no real damage). He was kicked after 2 bosses.
90 Night Elf Priest
Had something odd happen in LFR.

As a disc priest that over-gears LFR, it's pretty easy to top the healing meters. Today in Siege there was another disc priest (with the 403 maw ._.) that I out healed on most fights. We're talking my 12k to his 9, or something. On Hagara, he pulls me into the ice wall on the first frost phase and I die. o.O The 2nd frost phase he tried but was facing the wrong way and almost killed himself.

Not sure what that was about. I wasn't even hogging PW:Shields, he cast hardly any.

On Madness, a Maw did drop (yay omg!). but I lost it by 1 pt (163 to 164) to a (different) priest with normal maw. He/She left raid before the roll finished so I couldn't ask/beg/plead/sellmysoul for a trade. Here's hoping for normal Maw /crosses fingers.

brb making lostaroll post.
85 Gnome Warrior
07/31/2012 06:04 PMPosted by Ilúvatar
Of course I just realized that I forgot to put him on ignore >->.

This is where Recount is a double-boon for me. I like to see how things are ticking over, and I just have to /recount show to remember the name of <insert !@#$%^ here> that I can now happily add to the ignore basket.
90 Gnome Priest
So i have a question:
why is it that when a wipe is imminent, someone leaves?
was doing a WoE a while ago on my hunter. was on the last portal power source, and the tank dies suddenly within the first few seconds of the pull. healer immediately goes, "tanks dead, kthxbye" and leaves party, no chance for me to get my tank pet out and at least try to do something before i get killed.
so is this a repair cost thing? or is it actual trolling? if you are at HoT dungeons, gold won't really get you anything new, except the flying if you don't already have it.

My sister and guildy (heartsings) pointed me at this and i cannot believe the stories. how do you cope with all of it?

if you remember a while back, heartsings talked about a dk tank in all whites and unholy that was replaced by another dk who was much better, i was that healer. (i actually had to be told to stop healing >.<)

Edit: okay, the healer didn't really go "tanks dead kthxbye". he didn't say anything.
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100 Draenei Priest
Alright, well, I've been keeping this stuff back for a while but I need to say something . . .

This was not about bad runs or players playing their characters like total derps. This is about simple mannerism I've noticed in groups. Just two for now.

First off - Reading the chat.

Now, this should be a relatively simple thing to do. I mean, you cant function in todays world without being able to read, as it's a vital part of communication. The internet could not exist as it is today without this simple ability to read the written word.

And yet I still find people who just cannot seem to do this one simple thing.

The most prominent example I remember was a run that happened a month or so ago. It was after reset and I was running normal Cata's to just heal stuff. Plus I liked farming JP for Heirlooms and collecting old Tier stuff for mogging. Anyway, Hall of Origin, zone in and it's a lower-end group of course, makes sense. But I like healing them anyway and helping them out, even if they probably never notice their healer is overgeared for the place.

Everything going fine, no derping, things die fast, nothing much is said so nothing rude is being flung around, etc. But we get to the part right before the elevator to the four-boss chamber. Phone rings, I type in chat "brb real quick" and run to get it. Three minutes later, get back, I am sitting in Stormwind.

Well, off a whim I scroll up and look at chat:

Tank: "Healer?"

Tank: "Healer u there?"

You Have been removed from group.

I even scroll up to make sure I did indeed type it in chat. It was there, clear as day, a few lines above where they asked if I was there. No Item roll spam or anything else either.

It took me a while to process this. That people can be just . . . nothing makes me angrier then stuff like this. I didn't even care that I got booted, oh well, healer = near-insta queue. The part that just makes me absolutely fume with rage is the fact that not one of them bothered to look up to perhaps read chat to see why their healer was not with them, even though I was there dutifully the entire rest of the dungeon. The fact that they just seem to think in their subconscious minds that they can ascend above the mundane task of actually deciphering the words on a screen - in a game that pretty much requires communication at some point or other, no less - just makes me livid. Thats not the only example either, any time no one bothers reading the chat for any reason even though the answer to their questions or something concerning them is laid out plain and bare right there in front of them in the form of simple alphabetic symbols.

There is a chat box. It is there for a reason. I can understand missing something in spam, or simply tunnel-visioning and missing a few things being said once in a while. I dont evenc are about horrible grammar used most of the time as long as it's readable. But just strait up not even attempting to use the main means of communication in this game? I dont care how good a player you are, if you dont read the chat - hell if you dont even attempt to read it - your inept. Period.


My second little bit - Elitism.

I guess I am fortunate enough that I dont run into this one very often. But I did a LFR group with a few guildies to help gear some of our lower players up, since we're not at the point we can really do Cata Guild Raids yet (We have a lot of lower ilvl 85 players).

First half went fine, nothing massive, everything was decent, no bawing or hatred and we finished it no problem as usual. Fall of Deathwing was something else though . . .

To be Continued . . .
100 Draenei Priest
Not counting the fact the first two tanks we had were kinda stupid (Everyone was raging at them after they failed to even attempt to keep aggro and/or stay alive more then a few times), we had this lovely little healer with us.

And I say that sentence after marinading it in sarcasm for a week or so.

Not that they were bad or anything. On the contrary, they were outstanding, pulling almost 40K HPS the whole run in mostly 397 Gear, a few 403's I believe too judging by their Mana. Not that it was really necessary considering everyone else was doing at least 20K HPS and the lowest was 17K, so we stayed alive fairly well. But after the first wipe on Ultrax people started voicing their doubt about the tanks (They were alternating getting 1-shot, practically. One would get Brez'd and then the other would die and vice-versa), that little buttercup of a healer said "We could use some better heals too . . .".

I have no idea what that was suppose to mean since, as before, everyone was pulling 20K HPS average at least, thats more then ample healing as long as the tanks use the damn button . . . which they were not, but they are not the focus here right now.

That was also after demanding a rez after everyone else runs back in. Quote:

"I dont run back."

Whatever . . .

We get new tanks after more derp ensues and they get kicked, new Tanks help us BAMF our way through Ultrax, Blackhorn and Spine, and things are going great with only a few DPS dying occasionally. That healer though usually has something to say after each boss about the healing being done (Reminder, lowest was like 17K HPS).

We get to Madness, and everything goes fine until the second-to-last platform when like 5 or so DPS eat it and we almost wipe. But we pull through and move on to wailing DW himself and the Raid's HP seems stable, if fluctuating a bit.

For some reason that lovely flower of a healer asks if it calls for a wipe and if we should do it, since we apparently cant recover from that . . . One of the other healers chimes in something along these lines:

Some healer: "Nah, this is hardly a wipe."

Lovely Healer: "Well, your hardly a healer either, so whats your point?"

Some Healer: "I never said anything about being a healer."

Lovely Healer: "You queue'd as a healer when your barely able to do it."

As I am wondering where in the hell that came from since it was brought out of nowhere, DW Dies and epic Lewtz were rolled. No wipe, no bad, just a regular run.

Forgot to mention, Heart of Unliving drops from Spine, and this is the first time I ever saw it. I Need on it (The only thing I myself could use fromt he whole run), since I could use it.

. . . Guess who's the only one who got a higher roll on it then me?

Immediately I am wondering why in the living !@#$ she would need on it. I inspect and see her amazing gear and slightly sub-par trinkets: A Core of Ripness (Or whatever that 359 one is called) And a Foul Gift Of the Demon Lord.

Yea, yea she could technically use it, but why? WHY? She could run freaking Heroic to get gear with what she was managing to do. But no, instead she ran a LFR and berated the other healers the entire time because she was pulling such insane HPS in comparison that she felt she was some god and that her judgement meant a damn thing to anyone else simply because of that. This is assuming that she even used the thing at all.

I know a lot of people express dismay at carrying others and they get annoyed when said carried players get all the gear. Yea, I can understand that if the carried people weren't even TRYING to do anything.

But more then a few people I've seen seem to assume that if you do anything less then complete and totally over-the-top OP DPS/Healing/Tanking pulls then you are some kind of failure, regardless of the instance or the intended ability range of it.

So when I go into a Raid and I try my hardest to keep even the derpiest DPS alive through the whole thing, and some 400+ ilvl player comes in and completely demolishes my numbers, it makes me a horrible player undeserving of anything at all and I am just a bane to the group if I am not matching them?

. . . Seriously?

I dont think I am a terribly great healer. I've been told I am such but I still sometimes wonder when I accidentally let someone die, or I miss a mechanic I needed to pay attention to, or I just plain space out with exhaustion and let someone's HP drop a little too far for comfort. But at least I'm not a totally disgusting piece of garbage when it comes to dealing with others who may not be as geared as me.

EDIT: I R Spell gudz. And clarification.
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90 Orc Shaman
When someone warns you to skip the Monday night LFRs, you should probably do it. A few guild members and myself didn't heed that warning and oh man.

We zone in and do the traditional pre-pull rituals. Dragons are summoned and we're on our way. First thing I notice is that the dragons aren't coming down. The platform fills with fire as fast as it possibly can. People are dying left and right, but we're making some progress. Thankfully, some of the dps used their taunts. Just when I thought we might just survive this, Ultrax is summoned, laughs at us (literally) and wipes us with a twilight explosion. This is the conversation that followed.

Me: And that is why we taunt the dragons down. Dragons equal fire. Fire is bad.
Warrior Tank: Yeah ranged. Get on that. I can't bring them down, do I look like a ranged to you?
Me: No you're a prot warrior, which is exactly why you, of all people, should be taunting them
WT: It's not my job. I'm not ranged.
GM1: wut?
Me: It is your job. They needed to be taunted.
WT: No, the ranged bring them down by dealing damage to them.
GM2: he's trolling
Me: Listen, I was dotting every single one of them. They weren't coming down. Want to know why?
WT: You need to dot more.
Me: No, you're wrong sir. They need to be taunted. Want me to say it again? Taunt. Taunt. Taunt.
WT: DS has been out for how long, and you still don't know how this works?
Me: You don't know how this works.
GM3: Kick him. Kick him now.

So, he gets voted out of the house and it fails. But, he did leave after a flood of 'bad' and 'noob' comments flowed forth from the peanut gallery.

We get another tank almost instantly. Since Ultrax was technically pulled, we were saved from round 2 of the dragon fiasco. Fight goes smoothly except for the fact that half of the raid died to fading light, but whatever. I was dreading Spine and Madness, but they went well other than the usual killing of an amalg too soon and the not killing of the tentacles on the forth platform.
I just had a very, VERY squishy tank in Hour of Twilight.

His gear:
Helm, Shoulders and Belt were the 403 DK PvP gear; his helm had Mastery reforged into Crit.....a Wrath stam/Stun reduction gem and a 40 Strength gem; his shoulders had a 40 Mastery gem....none were enchanted/belt buckled and his belt had an empty gem slot.
His bracers were the 377 Str plate bracers, Hit reforged to Crit(his reforges were....everywhere).
Twilight Amulet: Mastery reforged into Hit.
Iceward Cloak: 50 armor enchant.
Breastplate of Sorrow: 40 str gem and a Wrath 30 stam gem, no enchant.
Time Stranded Gauntlets: Expertise reforged to Dodge, 30 hit gem socketed, no enchant.
Arcurion Leggings: 40 Str gem and 40 mastery gem, Mastery reforged to Hit.
Chrono Boots: 5 stamina enchant.....20 Resilience gem and Dodge reforged to Crit(wtf....?)
Alurmi's Ring:(Yup, and Agility ring, 1 of 2) Haste to Crit reforge.
Mannoroth's Signet: Crit to Parry reforge.
Pit Fighter and Rosary of Light trinkets.
Relic of the Elemental Lords: Haste to Hit reforge.....+4 to all stats gem(ugh).

Pretty much his ONlY acceptable item for tanking was his Gurth with a proper Runeforge.

His Spec:
3/3 Blood Caked Plade
2/2 Abominations Might
0/3 Will of the Necropolis
2/2 Crimson Scourge
2/3 Improved Death Strike
1/2 Icy Reach
1/3 Virulence
He has Zero glyphs.

He used Death Strike a grand total of 16 times the entire instance, his main attacks were:
Melee(19% total damage)
Rune Strike(17% total damage)
Heart Trike(10% total damage)
Death and Decay(10% total damage)

I almost lost him, repeatedly, to Asira and Benedictus trash(had to spam Gheal on Bene trash....he was just getting crushed).....hell, Gheal spam was pretty much the name of the game, 26% of my total healing....and the Beast Mastery HUNTER did more healing(double) of the DK's healing.....

Ok, going to bed, too tired for this BS....
100 Blood Elf Paladin
In underbog, with my baby dk, he is tanking.

As I zone in, the priest healer tells us that she hates this place and that she wants me to do big pulls. Since I am on the dk, I decide to be careful with the pulls while making them a little bit bigger, it goes well at first even if I have to deal with another dk who thought that blood was good for dps(she would also death grip mobs). We just down the first boss and are working our ways to the place where there is a bunch of naga and their slaves.

The healer, probably not liking me being careful, goes and pulls out the whole room ( which is like 10-12 mobs), I pop out cds and try to do my best while taunting off of the other dk,the healer then leave in the middle of the pull :S, we wipe. Get another healer and finish the place with more conventional pulls.

I don't know what was up with that healer, but seriously, if I don't chain pull, it might be because I don't think I have enough skills to handle it,not because I think you can't heal through. I usually never get jerk healers, but that one just got on my nerves pretty quick.
20 Dwarf Hunter

I do read the chat box, what more do you want from me?
90 Pandaren Shaman
08/01/2012 01:23 PMPosted by Kneanderthal
I do read the chat box, what more do you want from me?


Had a fun Stratholme tonight on my baby disc priest. Warrior tank with 2 unspent talent points, no Toughness, but he took Impending Victory. He had 4 nonplate pieces, whites, spirit gear, intellect plate, agility mail/bow, no glyphs, etc. etc. I'm also pretty sure he was multiboxing, since he was there with an equally obnoxious mage with nearly the same name, who was pulling one half of the room/corridor while he pulled the other half. Or who would pull the boss as soon as he pulled the trash. I would yell, "MANA!" after desperately trying to keep 4 tanks + me with 2 or 3 mobs wailing on me alive.

Nope, tank just shot off, nearly always LoSing/ranging me as well. So eventually, I stopped following him and just drank. He kept dying, was able to save the rest of the party almost every time. This continued for four bosses. But inevitably, one too many packs got pulled, and we wiped. I run back and turn in the quests I'd completed, since I had a feeling I'd be dropping group soon.

Lo and behold, as soon as my second quest was turned in: "You have been removed from the group". Which means at least one of the other DPS voted me out. Never been kicked as a healer before *HARUMPH*. Let alone being kicked for being nice and keeping the group alive through what should have been impossible pulls.

Also, just checked. I was kicked about an hour and a half ago, and he finished the dungeon 45 minutes ago, which means it took him 45 mins to get through the last 2-3 bosses. Har. However, that also means he was never kicked. Wonder if he was trolling...
85 Gnome Warrior
Just remembered another one (I know I'm a tank, don't banish me). Zoning in to Old Kingdom while Bunch was growing up.

Me: Hiya!
Spriest: Don't hiya me, you f*****g little b***h.
Me: k

I only put him on ignore at the end of the dungeon, I wanted to see what other big strong words he'd learnt.
90 Worgen Druid
Just remembered another one (I know I'm a tank, don't banish me). Zoning in to Old Kingdom while Bunch was growing up.

Me: Hiya!
Spriest: Don't hiya me, you f*****g little b***h.
Me: k

I only put him on ignore at the end of the dungeon, I wanted to see what other big strong words he'd learnt.

It sucks to be stuck with people that have sticks up their bums. Was in a normal SFK on my baby druid and on the rampart with the gargoyles, the hunter is standing on the roof to the side not helping and yelling at us....


I mean really, its 2 more mobs, and its experience anyways. Why break your entire dungeon silence just to drop f-bombs now? Not that I have any issues with swearing, I do it alot myself though mostly IRL not online, but escalation? Just jump right into offensive...

Maybe it is a good thing alot of people don't act IRL like they do online...most people would probably get into alot of trouble like getting fired/put in jail for being such hateful....*expletives*
100 Draenei Paladin
I have one instance to talk about....Stonecore...*shudders*

Never queue for a Dungeon for a will get this hell. Why do tanks when they see an overgeared healer...feel the need to pull everything in the gauntlet instead of killing sentries?

His excuse? "Heals has DS gear, they can heal anything!"

I can't heal an undergeared pvp wearing bear through that... :(
85 Blood Elf Priest
Just remembered another one (I know I'm a tank, don't banish me). Zoning in to Old Kingdom while Bunch was growing up.

Me: Hiya!
Spriest: Don't hiya me, you f*****g little b***h.
Me: k

I only put him on ignore at the end of the dungeon, I wanted to see what other big strong words he'd learnt.

(blinks) You're a better person than I am for not dropping the group right there.
44 Draenei Hunter
I have one instance to talk about....Stonecore...*shudders*

Never queue for a Dungeon for a will get this hell. Why do tanks when they see an overgeared healer...feel the need to pull everything in the gauntlet instead of killing sentries?

His excuse? "Heals has DS gear, they can heal anything!"

I can't heal an undergeared pvp wearing bear through that... :(

In all fairness, bears are the only tanks that can get away with pvp gear and still perform reasonably. Imagine how bad it would have been w/ one of the other 3 classes in pvp gear :)
I have one instance to talk about....Stonecore...*shudders*

Never queue for a Dungeon for a will get this hell. Why do tanks when they see an overgeared healer...feel the need to pull everything in the gauntlet instead of killing sentries?

His excuse? "Heals has DS gear, they can heal anything!"

I can't heal an undergeared pvp wearing bear through that... :(

In all fairness, bears are the only tanks that can get away with pvp gear and still perform reasonably. Imagine how bad it would have been w/ one of the other 3 classes in pvp gear :)

That is 403 PvP gear that is BiS, everything else is generally not worth it, especially the 377 crap that is worse than 333's.
100 Dwarf Priest
I just had an unbelieveably bad Throne of Tides run and wanted to get it down while it is still clear in my mind.

First pull. Tank runs ahead as soon as he spawns in and starts beating on the patrol. I run up (perhaps unwisely) and start healing him. Two more dps straggle in about thirty or forty seconds later. The third walks up to the tunnel entrance and afks. Focus fire is, to this group, only something you hear about in trade chat. The tank is the only reliable interrupt as our active dps are a priest and a warlock. The only reason we're not still there fighting that first pull is that the spiritmenders do eventually run out of mana. Yes. We ran them out of mana.

I say something about needing cc, we kick the afker and pick up a kitty druid who proves to be the one saving grace of this instance, and we move on.

Trash is uneventful up to the room you fight Ulthok in, except that we spend way too long fighting the two spiritmenders because we're once again not focusing fire. Then things get crazy.

Tank pulls the first group in this room, two spiritmenders, two melee guys and the lighting witch, with no cc. Aggro is going everywhere to begin with. Then the big naga patrol happens by and joins in. At this point I'm already thinking it'll be a wipe because if no one was focusing fire before... Next thing I know the priest decides to help by casting psychic scream. Murloc patrol jumps in at this point. I have to pop divine hymn but eventually we get through it.

While I'm typing to ask the priest to never cast psychic scream in a dungeon again the tank runs up to the next group.

Now I don't mind moving fast if everything is going well, but when you come that close to wiping I think it's appropriate to reflect on your own mortality for a moment and maybe talk about what went wrong. Tank is dropping fast so I pause for a moment and actually think about trying to pull this out, then I see I'm not in combat yet and say "!@#$ it" and run back to the teleporter. The tank is annoyed but so am I. I come back and rez everyone and we move on.

We finally get to the first boss. Luckily only two gysers spawned under the tank. I say luckily because he stood in both of them. The first one I just watched idly, curious to see whether it would actually kill him. I was pretty confident I could heal one of the dps through the rest of the fight. It didn't kill him outright though so I healed him back up. The second one I Leap of Faith'd him out of and asked "are you trying to die?" He replied "this damn keyboard." I'm still not sure what he meant by that because he seemed to be moving around fine otherwise.

On to Ulthok. Tank stood in every slam. I pulled him out of one and suggested he dodge.

The trash up to the final encounter was unremarkable except that I Leap of Faith'd the warlock's imp to keep him from pulling more adds at the end.

On the final boss Neptulon got lower than I've ever seen him get as the tank was slow to pick up adds. Phase two was ridiculous. The tank wasn't kiting, he just stood and fought the blight beasts. The dps with the exception of the druid were attacking the blight beasts. If not for that druid I'm sure we would have wiped.

In the end everything died and I got my bag. With a ruby in it.
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