Farstrider's Elite (anyone still around?)

85 Blood Elf Priest
Hey guys,

Farstriders was my very first WoW server, my first pvp, my first everything experiencing WoW. I long ago moved on, from Horde, to other servers, other friends. But I never forgot some of you. Rushie, Jackyll, Ultimix, Aurum, hm, so many more, those are just coming to the front for me.

My question is, do any of you guys still play, even around at all? I see the guild isnt active but maybe on some alts and stuff?

The pvp with all of you was/is some of my fondest memories, I am looking to move back to 'Striders, and just curious if any of my old pals are still playing ;)

Will check in again,
use to be known as Feather(leaf,wind)
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85 Human Death Knight
Some of them are still around. Most aren't.
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100 Gnome Warlock
Aurum here!!

I have not been on the forum for a year and this post is an unexpected surprise. I get strangely giddy happy thinking of all the FE good times (I'm ignoring the bad ones.)

I still see a lot of people around. Jackyl i just talk to the other night and have seen Ulti pop on sometimes. Rushie might still be deployed. Aurum is still my over geared bank toon so you can contact me there or on Hydrargyrum my main.
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34 Night Elf Hunter
there are still a few of us that play on twinks once in a while, the first Jackyll is lvl 85 now , Jumpinjac , stop by and say hi :)
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Omg Hey guys!

Imagine my surprise when jack sent me a mail on the toon I left a message here from! I hardly ever play her and just happened to need to help a friend and Boom!

Yes the FE twinking was some of the best times ever and I have often thought of all of you over the years. It is so great to hear from some of you :)

Ive left a mail back for Jack (hoping he adds me to realid) Aurum I didnt know if you even checked that toon, if you guys are around I may just have to server hop once more ;).

Will be in touch soon!
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